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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Kellie Olisky breaks down the “What Lies Beneath” episode in which Hanna finds a note underneath one of her plants. It is from Maya to Emily explaining things and telling her to meet her somewhere but the place is unreadable. It was dated the day Maya had died. The next morning, Aria questions Ezra about Maggie and how much she was paid to leave Ezra alone. Aria gets furious that Ezra hid Maggie from her and she tells him that he should have told her when they met. He responds that he wanted to forget about Maggie as a part of his past and brings up the fact that she hid A from him. Hanna is with Emily at the coffee shop on Maya’s website when Wren enters. He wants to be with Hanna but she rejects him telling him that she can’t date Spencer’s ex and its too soon after Caleb. Ella is seen with Zach the coffee shop owner on a date in the classroom. Aria walks in on them kissing and realizes how different Zach is. Hanna has printed out a picture of every video that Maya took to see if there was something she missed. Hanna tells Emily that Caleb knows about A and now they are pretending to not be together. Emily finds two pictures of Maya in the daytime with a sign behind her and when she puts them together, it says The Kahn’s. Hanna tells Spencer and Hanna thinks Maya must have stayed over. Spencer talks to Noel and he says that she wasn’t just a random guest and that they had a texting relationship. Emily sees Nate at the coffee shop and he sees Jenna and Noel. Noel leaves and Nate goes up to Jenna to tell her that he wants to give her the birthday present he never got to give her but Jenna gets mad and tells him to leave. Ella stops by Aria’s locker and tells Aria that they need to hurry because she has a date with a man named Luke. Aria is confused and thought she was with Zach, but Ella thinks that he is seeing other women so she doesn’t want to get too serious with him. Paige stops by the coffee shop and Emily tells her to stop by her house later so they can watch a movie. While Noel is at football practice, Spencer sneaks into the boy’s locker room and breaks into Noel’s locker and takes his phone. Emily and Hanna go to the Kahn’s cabin to investigate. As they enter, the camera cuts behind them to see that there is a security camera watching them. Spencer checks Noel’s phone to see if he has any messages from Maya but he doesn’t so she returns his phone and runs into Noel on the way out. Aria talks to Zach at the coffee shop and he says that he’s really into her mom. Aria interjects and says that you probably say that to all of your girlfriends but Zach says that he is only seeing her mom. While searching the cabin, Hanna finds a hidden door and inside she finds that Maya must have been staying there when they find her bag full of her stuff. A comes and locks them in and locks all the windows so they are trapped and then the power goes out. Spencer gets a new email from BLOCKED saying Stay out of my locker! but she also gets a video from the security camera at the cabin the night that Maya died. Emily smashes a window but the wooden frame is locked. Hanna takes a knife found in Maya’s bag and tries to undo the lock but she accidentally cuts her leg. Emily breaks the wood with a bat and they escape but find that A spray-painted a message saying “I’m saving you for later” -A. Hanna has a deep wound but she refuses to go to the hospital so Emily calls Wren. Wren takes care of Hanna and gives her stitches. Emily finds Nate sitting on the steps in front of her house, and he apologizes for the way he acted earlier. After Emily shows him the bag of Maya’s things, Nate starts to cry and kisses Emily when she tries to comfort him. Paige walks by and sees them and gets mad at Emily so she cancels their date. Aria apologizes to Ezra from earlier and he tells Aria that he found Maggie. Spencer finds that in the video Maya arrives at the cabin at 10:04PM and that Garrett was not the last person to see Maya. At 1:14AM, Noel and Jenna arrive at the cabin. A few seconds after they enter the cabin, Maya comes out and is grabbed by someone not seen on the camera. It is ruled out that Garrett, Noel, or Jenna couldn’t have killed Maya because Garrett was arrested at midnight. In the end, A is seen in their new place hanging up multiple black hoodies while watching the news about Maya and Garrett and then changing the channel to watch Wheel Of Fortune. There to help Kellie are co-hosts Whitney Lane and Stephanie Wenger. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “What Lies Beneath” podcast!

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