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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Kellie Olisky breaks down the episode “This is a Dark Ride” in which In this special Halloween episode with themes from teen slasher horror movies such as, Halloween, Terror Train and Prom Night, Mona is seen in her room singing “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” while painting a face on a papier-mâché doll while a thunderstorm rages outside. She tells the hooded “A” seated nearby how much she loves Halloween – tricks, treats and getting to dress up. She hands “A” four bullets and three pills, saying that she bets someone’s life on it that it will be the best Halloween ever. Later, she sneaks out of Radley yet again, leaving the doll in her place in bed. Meanwhile, the Liars get ready for a Halloween party train hosted by the school. Garrett makes a surprise visit to Spencer. Just as Garrett is about to talk, Toby chases him off. Aria and Hanna are dateless as Ezra and Caleb can’t make it to the party. On Halloween night, Aria (dressed in 1920s attire as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby), Hanna (dressed as Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch), along with Spencer and Toby (dressed as a 1930’s couple) arrive at the party and have a brief altercation with Noel and Jenna (dressed as 18th Century pirates). As Emily (dressed as Barbarella) arrives with Paige (dressed in a tuxedo resembling Marlene Dietrich’s character in Morocco (1930 film)), the Liars spot Jason, who has unexpectedly decided to show up for the party. The guests board the train to be greeted with a surprise live performance by pop singer Adam Lambert. During the musical set, Hanna is harassed by a masked stranger who is soon revealed to be Caleb. The Liars split up. Aria sits alone at a booth and has a brief conversation with Adam Lambert. Shortly after, a person in a Queen of Hearts costume covertly slips a powdered substance into her drink. Spencer has a short encounter with Jason before he leaves to catch Lucas. Emily and Paige meet in a vacant cabin for some romantic alone time. Back at Hanna’s house, Ashley sees a little girl in the kitchen who asks if she can use the phone to call her mom. Ashley gives the girl the phone and later returns to the kitchen to find out that she is gone. She heads upstairs to Hanna’s room and finds the girl, who tells her that her sister always lies to their mom to hurt her. Ashley touches the girl’s hand to comfort her and finds that it is cold to the touch. Ashley gives the girl a blanket and leaves to grab Ted. When they get back into Hanna’s room, the little girl is gone and the blanket is folded which makes Ashley think she was a ghost. While wandering the train alone, Spencer hears Mona singing. Spencer is then attacked by a person in a baby face mask who drags her outside onto the crossing between the rail cars. The person reveals himself to be Garrett. He tells Spencer about the last night Alison was seen alive: Garrett and then-blind Jenna leave Ian and Melissa alone in Alison’s room and run into Alison in the backyard. Alison confronts Jenna about coming back to Rosewood, resulting in Garrett swinging at her with a hockey stick. Alison ducks and he misses, but he beats at the tree behind her. Alison puts a finger over her mouth and Garrett pretends that she is dead to trick the blind Jenna. Garrett returned to Alison’s house later to find Alison talking to Byron. She tells him that he knows what she’s capable of. Stunned by this revelation, Spencer insists that they find Aria to fill her in. Leaving Garrett behind, Spencer rendezvous with Hanna and finds Aria’s abandoned hand bag. It is revealed that Aria has been bound and locked inside of a storage crate somewhere on the train. As the chaos unfolds, Spencer is attacked by the same masked person who drugged Aria’s drink and is saved by Paige, and Hannah has a run-in with an imposter wearing a costume and mask similar to Caleb’s. After regaining their composure, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily recruit Caleb, Toby, and Paige to help search for Aria. Back in the storage car, Aria tries desperately to free herself and discovers the corpse of Garrett locked in the crate with her. Then, an unseen boy and girl try to push Aria off the train, but the Liars arrive just in time. Aria manages to wound the boy by shoving a screwdriver through the crate before they retreat. Later, the police stop the train and investigate the recent events. Ezra appears to comfort Aria, saying he heard what happened and quickly drove along the tracks to find the train. Noel tells the liars to stop dragging him and Jenna into every mess they make, causing Toby to attack him and shove him into an ice cooler. The ice spills out, revealing a body bag, and Jason stares at it in disbelief. Meanwhile, Mona sneaks back to Radley and gets into bed. The same mask and costume as the person who impersonated Caleb before is on the floor, revealing that Mona was the one harassing Hanna. The boy wearing the Queen of Hearts costume whom drugged Aria and was wounded by her remains unknown. The final scene shows a flashback of the night Alison “died”, showing the construction of her backyard, the place Alison was buried alive. Moments later, a hand comes out of the ground, wearing a purple string bracelet, attempting to get out. There to help Kellie are co-hosts Whitney Lane and Stephanie Wenger. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “This is a Dark Ride” podcast!

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