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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Pat Lambert breaks down the episode “That Girl Is Poison” in which a police car and ambulance pull up to Garrett’s place and take his mother out on a stretcher. Aria spots A watching from the shadows. Aria seems to be worried about Ezra’s money situation, but he assures her he’s fine. Emily asks Paige to go to the movies with her, surprising Paige. Aria sees Lucas pounding on the door to get into a photography studio and the girls wonder if perhaps he took the photos at the graveyard. Spencer tells Emily that Garrett is being released to see his mother. Jenna, who has openly revealed she can see again, walks over and hands them invites for her birthday party and tells them she feels safer when she’s in control of her life. Emily’s boss is making her work Jenna’s birthday party, despite her being a guest. Emily overhears the photographer Laurel saying to Jenna that she had a “thief” working for her. An angry Nate stops by complaining to Emily about Garrett being let out of jail. Ezra texts Aria that he’s been invited to Jenna’s party and Spencer starts to question the purpose of Jenna’s party. She also wants to find out when Garrett is visiting the hospital so she can be there to see who he’s really visiting. Emily has to cancel the movie date with Paige, but promises they’ll see each other at the party. Paige spots Emily’s flask, and when Emily assures Paige “I’m done with that”, Paige takes it. Jenna starts flirting with Nate, and invites him to the party. Emily tells the girls about Laurel shooting the party and seeing Lucas. They speculate whether Lucas was the one who dug Alison up and whether there are ulterior motives for Jenna’s party. Ashley meets a man named Ted at the rummage sale who is the volunteer coordinator and they appear to hit it off. Meanwhile Hanna is alarmed to find Emily’s jacket from the night she was drugged, despite Spencer destroying it, and quickly hides it in her bag. Ezra gives Aria an antique camera as a gift, leaving Aria questioning how he could afford it. Spencer is at the hospital spying and sees Garrett writing a card for his mother’s flowers, despite the fact she is in a coma. Spencer runs into Wilden, who doesn’t buy her bogus story for being there: “You know what? You used to be a much better liar”. Apparently Laurel was Aria’s teacher during the photography lessons she took over the summer. Aria brings up the possibility of being Laurel’s new assistant and hears that Lucas’ camera bag is still in the studio. Neither Toby nor Spencer are attending the party, and they both wonder how nobody else knew Jenna was faking for so long. Jenna told their parents she was scared her sight might not return, so she didn’t tell them when she started seeing shadows. Ezra wants to leave the party, but Aria talks him into waiting a little bit longer and then pours a drink on Laurel’s equipment. A drunken Paige starts embarrassing herself, eventually falling over and hitting her head. Emily and Nate take Paige to the hospital. Hanna meets her there and shows her the jacket. Hanna asks if Emily left the jacket in Jenna’s car. Emily thinks A is responsible for it getting to the rummage sale and thinks maybe she saw more than just Jenna that night. Laurel spots her wet equipment and Aria offers to run to the studio and bring her back memory cards. Inside the studio Aria finds Lucas’ equipment. While she looks through it we see a shadow. She pulls out some film and leaves. Outside she runs into Lucas who says “I need to get inside.” He initially won’t let her pass, but Ezra pulls up and Lucas sprints off. Spencer arrives at the hospital, wanting to go upstairs to the room where Garrett’s mother is in. Nate goes after Garrett but is held back by police and during the commotion Spencer jumps into the elevator. Paige comes out with a few stitches but doesn’t remember anything. A tox screen found traces of a sleeping pill in her system. She gives a concerned-looking Emily back the flask. Spencer goes into Garrett mother’s room and reads the card with the flowers. There’s nothing suspicious on the card. But underneath her hospital bracelet Spencer finds a note reading: “April Rose has the proof.” Aria calls Emily and looks at the negatives. Emily looks up the drug from her flask and finds it’s a sedative used to subdue aggressive patients and inmates. One of the side effects is memory loss and Emily realizes she was drugged that night. Aria finds three of the pills in Lucas’ negatives from the camera bag. The final scene is with A, going through a purse in which there are a valentine from Emily saying XOXOX with a picture of her and some pills that have Maya’s name on it. There to help Pat are co-hosts Kellie Olisky, Whitney Lane, and Stephanie Wenger. Also joining in studio are special guests Tammin Sursok (who plays Jenna Marshall) and Brendan Robinson (who plays Lucas). It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “That Girl Is Poison” podcast!

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