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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Kellie Olisky breaks down the “Stolen Kisses” episode in which, at the cafe, Aria shows Spencer a photo of Maya’s arm with the same black eye tattoo that Holden had from the past episode. Spencer expresses no concern for the photo as she starts to stress about missing the early admissions deadline to the University of Pennsylvania. CeCe Drake comes in and passes Aria back her phone that she had left on the counter, and hears about Spencer’s college conflict. Apparently, CeCe knows about a party Friday night where a man from the UPenn admissions will attend so Spencer desperately pleads with “puppy dog eyes” for CeCe to let her come so both her and Aria are going to tag along so Spencer can give her application to him. During school, Hanna and Caleb are at both ends of the hallway, trying to see who will make the first move. Hanna walks in his direction but goes to her locker but Caleb decides to talk to her first. Their conversation is quiet and short and Caleb gives Hanna a piece of paper with the log-in information for Maya’s site. Two seconds after Caleb leaves, Hanna gets a text saying “The Apple Rose Grille at closing time. Go alone or Caleb pays” from A. She shows Spencer but she doesn’t want Hanna to go, seeing it as unsafe for her to go along. Soon after, Aria is seen in the hallway outside Ezra’s apartment, hearing yelling and arguing. Ezra’s brother Wesley is now shown for the first time as he greets Aria while Ezra shouts at him to leave. Aria is surprised that again, Ezra has kept another family member from her and Ezra reveals why Wesley was there. Wes was offering Ezra money in order to buy the car that he sold before. Apparently, the car wasn’t his to sell in the first place in which his mother is claiming it as an “old family heirloom” and wants it back. However, Ezra doesn’t want to borrow the money, or even have to deal with his rich family for that matter, so he goes to withdraw money from the bank and leaves Aria behind alone in his apartment. Hanna later confronts Emily about having been able to hack into Maya’s website a few days ago. Upset, Emily asks why she didn’t tell her sooner and Hanna responds that they all saw her so happy with Paige that they didn’t want to ruin that for her with past memories of Maya. Instead of giving the log-in information to Spencer like Caleb asked, Hanna gives it for Emily to see for herself instead. During that time, Aria is seen on Spencer’s bed reveling about how Ezra “kicked” her out of his apartment earlier, while Spencer is proposing gaudy business to Aria that she will wear to impress the UPenn man, “Steven,” at the party. Later at night, CeCe, Aria, and Spencer arrive at the party. Spencer and Aria realize that the party is taking place at Noel Kahn’s cabin in which CeCe also reveals that Noel has an older brother named Eric, who is running the party. Not only that, once they try to get into the party, Aria and Spencer see that they have to get stamped with the same black eye that Holden and Maya had on their wrists. Lots of college students are partying while Spencer and Aria feel uncomfortable yet trying to find Steven with CeCe. Instead, they find Noel and Jenna walking in and they play a game of “Truth.” Within a certain time limit, each person can ask whatever they want to the other back and forth and must tell the truth. Aria challenges Noel first. Meanwhile, Officer Barry Maple arrives at Hanna’s house and speaks to Ashley. The police now have a court order that demands for Hanna to take a sample of her blood to see if it matches with the blood from Alison’s bracelet. Ashley also rekindles her relationship with Ted, but while on a date, she mostly spends time trying to talk to Veronica Hastings about protecting Hanna and taking care of the court order. After Aria questions Noel, Spencer decides to play truth with Jenna who knows that Spencer lied about being at her lake house “that night”. While Hanna goes to the Apple Rose Grille as told to by A, Hanna runs into Caleb who then reveals that he is the “A” that sent her the text to see if she would come. Hanna spills and tells everything that happened with the new A and Caleb insists that he helps. Ezra’s brother Wesley, tells Aria that Ezra got a girl named Maggie pregnant in high-school. Aria confronts Ezra about this and she also tells him that his mother offered her money so they can end their relationship. In the end, “A” is seen in the office of a cat obsessed woman picking up a key for a room with the letter “A” on it. There to help Kellie are co-hosts Whitney Lane and Stephanie Wenger. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “ Stolen Kisses” podcast!

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