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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Stephanie Wenger breaks down the “Single Fright Female” episode in which Ted comes to Hanna’s house with a flash drive that contains the N.A.T videos, which is revealed to have been left in the church rather than Ian taking it. Emily rejects Nate after he tries to make plans with her. CeCe reveals Alison’s and Paige’s violent past to Spencer. CeCe flash backs to when Alison pretended to be Emily and toyed with Paige’s feelings by writing her a love letter. As Paige drops off her reply under a sign, Alison confronts her, takes the letter, and threatens to give it to her dad and reveal that Paige is a lesbian. Paige aggressively yells at her to give it back, but Alison says “I own you now.” As she walks off and gets into CeCe’s car, she looks a bit frightened, and CeCe clarifies to Spencer that Alison may have been scared of Paige. Later, Spencer is confronted by a snake in the dressing room, but is saved by CeCe. She tells Hanna that Paige may have done that, because while she was telling Emily that Paige was a possible “A” suspect, she mentioned the word “snake”. Meanwhile, Emily calls Hanna and says that the knife from Maya’s bag, let alone Maya’s bag, is missing (from her house). Spencer suspects Paige. Hanna and Spencer help CeCe with the boutique’s trunk show while Emily shows up with Paige. Spencer and Hanna search through Paige’s bag for Maya’s knife. Aria visits Maggie and realizes that she has a seven-year old son, Malcolm. Upset and shaken, Aria tells Wesley about Malcolm, and they worry about how to tell Ezra. However, Ezra later tells them that Maggie told him she was happy and living alone. At the boutique, Emily realizes that Spencer and Hanna have gone through Paige’s purse. Angry, she leaves with Paige. However, Spencer and Hanna have found the proof they needed – the earring from Ali’s grave. They think that Paige dug up Ali’s grave and may be “A”. Paige later reveals to Emily that she did have a messy past with Alison, and even had thoughts of suicide. Hanna destroys the N.A.T. videos. When Paige goes inside Emily’s house, Jenna appears and says she has to talk to Emily but sees that she is not alone. Emily presses her and Jenna says, “Be very careful who you spend time with, Emily. Very careful.” While Emily is distracted, Paige declines a call from Spencer on Emily’s phone. A is shown at a select-o-matic. They play the song “Smiling Faces Sometimes” while handing over a pair of keys to another person from the A-team. There to help Stephanie is co-host Whitney Lane. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Single Fright Female” podcast!

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