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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, hosts Kellie Olisky breaks down the episode “She’s Better Now” in which the winter premiere of season 3 opens with a scene symbolizing that Toby is now the “driving force” behind the A Team who will stop at nothing to run over anyone who gets in the way. The girls are skeptical about Mona’s intentions when she is released from the Radley Sanitarium and returns to Rosewood High. They continue to suspect Byron may have been involved in Ali’s murder, based on Garrett’s tip before he was murdered. This upsets Aria who believes her father is innocent and that Garrett was never trustworthy. Mona becomes startled when she finds a cow brain stuck to her locker door with a knife and a note that reads: It takes one mad cow to know another. Before walking away, she whispers something to Lucas. Later, Lucas delivers the rest of the money he owed Caleb to Hanna. Lucas warns her that Mona has been sneaking out of Radley for a long time but leaves without saying much else. Emily catches Mona talking to a janitor whom she recognizes as the hotel clerk from the Lost Woods Resort. During the school’s fundraiser, the girls sneak into the school to search the janitor’s office. They find a book they saw the janitor writing in earlier, which turns out to be Ali’s diary. Aria skims over a page where Ali describes her plans to blackmail Byron for having an affair with Meredith. This makes Aria more suspicious of her father, as this proves that Garrett was telling the truth. Suddenly, the girls hear someone approaching and Aria rips the page out of the diary. The girls are stopped by the janitor but Toby comes to their rescue. Before leaving with the girls, Toby exchanges an intense look with the janitor. The group runs outside after hearing someone scream. They see that one of the booths in front of the school has gone up in flames. Later, it is revealed that Meredith was injured in the fire. Byron accuses Aria and her friends of being responsible for starting the fire which injured Meredith. Aria denies the accusation but Byron leaves unconvinced. On her way home, Spencer warns Jason about Mona’s sinister intentions. But once Spencer leaves, Mona emerges from Jason’s house and begins cleaning a wound on his side before giving him a creepy smile. In the final scene, a member of the A Team messes with a student’s bike, then hides as the student approaches. The student begins riding the bike but falls off and becomes injured almost immediately. There to help Kellie is co-host Whitney Lane. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “She’s Better Now” podcast!

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