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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, hosts Kellie Olisky and Stephanie Wenger break down the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” episode in which Aria and Emily are at Spencer’s house, but Hanna can’t make it, due to Ashley’s hit and run. Spencer tells the girls who’s helping Mona: Toby. Emily isn’t convinced and appears determined for an explanation. Aria goes to Ezra’s house and meets Malcolm for the first time. Ezra reveals that Maggie is looking to work in Rosewood. Emily and Hanna arrive at Toby’s apartment but don’t find anything. Emily opens up a motorcycle book she had given Toby for his birthday. Inside it is a parking pass with the name E. Lamb, Toby’s alias for Radley. Later, the bouquet “A” was chopping is delivered to Spencer’s house. She pulls out the card and it reads “Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips -A.” The girls have coffee and Spencer confronts Mona, telling her that if she hurts her friends, she will hurt her back. Mona basically tells her she isn’t scared of her, and leaves. Later, Emily goes to Toby’s place again and talks to a guy who worked with Toby. He says Toby left but never said where he was going. Meanwhile, Spencer is studying the wreath that says “With Deepest Sympathy” from the bouquet. She finds that the “E” and “M” are highlighted, leading her to believe A may be targeting Emily. Ashley thinks she sees Wilden staring at her. Emily goes to the police station and tries to find the image of E. Lamb on the computer. Right before the face is revealed, Pam walks in. She gets a text from Toby saying he’ll meet her. While Aria babysits Malcolm, he accidentally cuts his chin, and she’s worried she may not be a fit parent and contemplates breaking up with Ezra until he gets everything sorted out. Emily arrives at Toby’s work to meet him; Spencer follows Mona who seems to be heading for the woods. She eventually finds a body in the woods with Toby’s tattoo on his hip wearing a helmet. She sobs and tries to take the helmet off but Mona yells “he’s dead” before Spencer identifies the body. She chases Mona but fails to catch up with her. Aria tells Ella about Malcolm. Ella suggests they take a break. Hours later, Emily is waiting but Toby doesn’t show up. She sees the girl in the red coat in her rear view mirror. She follows her, but sees Toby’s worker. He says he didn’t see anyone and calls her by her name. Emily says she never told him her name, to which he ignores. Emily returns to her car to find a window broken and a red envelope on the seat containing a funeral program for Toby with a note saying “Toby is no more -A.” Hanna and Aria push Wilden’s car into Lake Rosewood after it shows up in Hanna’s garage with footage of the night Ashley hit him. The lights go off, but then it sinks. Spencer is found the next morning in the woods, completely catatonic. She is admitted to Radley. At the end of the episode, a man is fishing. He catches a hat with his fishing pole and it reads, “Rosewood Police.” It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” podcast!

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