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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, hosts Kellie Olisky, Stephanie Wenger, and Whitney Lane, break down the episode “Misery Loves Company” in which Aria is down for the count when sidelined by the flu, so Hanna and Emily are on their own to follow up on a new clue. We find Mona and Toby planning their next assault on the girls in the new A-Lair, Mona busy disactivating a security system on her computer, while Toby mentions he feels like they’re going forward with this plan too fast. Mona retorts that it’s not her decision, and that the girls need to realize that A is still calling the shots. Meredith steps up to help take care of Aria while her father is away, but when it starts to look like Meredith may have ulterior motives to her nursing Aria back to health, Hanna and Emily turn their attention towards saving their friend. Their attentions are sidetracked, however, when Hanna overhears Caleb talking to someone on the phone about her and Mona, saying he will meet up with them later. Hanna asks Emily to spy on Caleb to see who he is going to meet, so Hannah can go to her interview for a fashion designer. If Emily stayed any longer, she would’ve learned that Paige was meeting Caleb. Meanwhile, Spencer takes a break from all the sleuthing to surprise Toby for their first anniversary, convincing him that she would be at a dinner with the family all night, instead of her surprise dinner-date with him. It is revealed Meredith had been drugging Aria with some type of medication, causing her to sleep for days. While fading in and out of consciousness, Aria is visited by Ali. Ali quickly finds Aria’s hiding place for the pages from her diary and is about to leave before Aria stirs, and speaks with Ali, convinced she is a ghost. Hanna arrives at her interview only to find it is a set up by A. The encounter is quick and brief, and Hanna is merely knocked when A pushes her down with a line of mannequins. While making his/her escape, A drops, (rather haphazardly) a key, only feet in front of Hanna, which Hanna soon gives to Spencer, to act as an interim counselor for her as she deals with her newfound fear. Emily, realizing that neither she nor Hanna has heard from Aria in a while decide to go check up on her at her house. They find the door unlocked, and are met in Aria’s room by Meredith. Meredith tricks them into going into the basement where she locks them in with an unconscious Aria. Byron comes home in the nick of time, alarmed to find out from Meredith that Aria knows everything about their affair and how he talked with Alison the night she died, but proving himself trustworthy – for now – by revealing to the three girls what really happened that night (i.e. how he didn’t kill Ali) and deciding to do the right thing by going to the police. Aria stops him from turning himself in by revealing that she still has pages from the diary, which she burns, showing her trust in her father. Toby sneaks into the Hastings house to retrieve the key from the drawer and is quickly discovered by Spencer. They briefly confront one another, Spencer smacking him, He asking how long she knew, before Spencer is distracted by her mother’s call and Toby smoothly escapes. Later Spencer is seen at the doorstep of his apartment, begging to talk, wanting to believe that it isn’t true, but instead of Toby being inside, we see a smiling Mona, sipping on wine meant for Spencer, at the table Spencer set as a surprise for Toby. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Misery Loves Company” podcast!

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