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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Kellie Olisky breaks down the episode “It Happened “That Night”” in which the girls reunite after the summer apart at Spencer’s house, and are having a party. The girls are drinking and sharing about their summer while they get a prank text. They soon fall asleep. Later, Aria and Hanna wake up to find Spencer and Emily missing and the door left wide open. Then, Spencer returns, saying she’s looked everywhere for Emily. The girls find Emily at the graveyard, and she doesn’t remember a thing other than getting wasted at the sleepover. Spencer goes through Emily’s phone and finds out that Emily had received a blocked call from somebody at 11:00 P.M., and from Spencer’s phone at midnight, meaning someone was in Spencer’s house, while they were all sleeping. The new ‘A’ makes Emily dig up Ali’s grave, sending the girls into trouble as they make a pact to not tell anyone about that night. More suspicion uprises with the identity of the new ‘A’ as Aria sees someone in a hoodie in the bathroom while in a stall. While this is going on, Hanna is secretly visiting Mona at the asylum, trying to find out why she would do that to her, but Mona is unresponsive. While visiting, she bumps in to Wren. Spencer decides that they should all go to her lake house to make sure they don’t get caught, and their ploy works, because Spencer acts shocked when her mom tells her that Ali’s grave has been tampered with. Spencer visits Garett in prison as he keeps calling her. He tells Spencer that that he knows things that are going on that she doesn’t. The liars go up to Mona’s lair which was found completely emptied the morning after Maya’s body was found. Just then, the Liars hear Spencer’s car alarm go off, prompting them to go outside, leaving Spencer’s laptop alone in the room. The doors are wide open, and the seats, dash, and trunk are covered in photographs of the girls at the cemetery in front of Ali’s open grave. They immediately get a text from the new ‘A’ saying “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches. -A”, sending the girls into a complete tailspin. There to help Kellie is co-host Heather Mundy. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “It Happened ‘That Night’” podcast!

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