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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, hosts Kellie Olisky and Stephanie Wenger break down the “I’m Your Puppet” episode in which the girls visit Spencer in Radley and tell her the police found a body but it’s not Toby’s. Spencer is still convinced it was Toby and walks out on her friends. The next morning, Emily gets a mysterious text from Shana at school, while E. Lamb gives Spencer a board game at Radley. When Wren sees her with it, he tells her Mona used to play that game incessantly. She then discovers that Mona used the board as a map of Radley. Ella warns Hanna that Jamie may have traded the bell from the church for a new one of much lesser value. At dinner, Pastor Ted calls Jamie and fires him, suspicious that Jamie replaced the church bell improperly. Back at Radley, Mrs. Hastings visits Spencer and recalls a memory of Ali. She tells Spencer that she found Ali re-entering their house around 3:00 AM when Ali was supposed to be upstairs with Spencer during a sleepover. Mrs. Hastings promises to keep quiet about the cut on Ali’s lip and leaves as if nothing happened. Aria, Emily and Hanna sneak into the morgue. Aria chases after “Red Coat” but misses her while Emily and Hanna find a dead body they are unable to identify. E. Lamb returns to Spencer and reveals that he has been suspicious of Wren’s motives ever since Wren began working at Radley. Hanna tells Caleb that she saw Jamie with the same dollar bill on the night she put it into the collection box at church. Aria goes to pick up Malcolm but the karate instructor says “Aria Montgomery” already picked him up. Aria finds a flyer in Malcolm’s box advertising a carnival with the letter “A” circled in the title. In the next scene, we see someone in a black hoodie sitting next to Malcolm at a puppet show at the carnival. Ella bumps into Aria at the carnival but Aria does not heed her warning about Ezra and rushes off to find Malcolm. Caleb accuses Jamie of stealing from the church and Jamie leaves. Aria calls Emily in panic mode and they agree to meet at the police station to turn in “A” for kidnapping Malcolm. A moment later, Aria finds Malcolm at a puppet show and takes him home. Aria texts Emily saying she found Malcolm but Emily is already at the police station where she bumps into her mom working on a mysterious missing persons’ case. At Radley, Spencer enters a mysterious dark room where she finds Ali. Ali reveals that a girl gave her the cut on her lip before Ali leads her into the room with a star on Mona’s map. Spencer finds Mona’s alias for Radley on a badge with the name “Ali Dee” and a visitor’s pass for CeCe Drake, which Wren authorized. Aria tries to break up with Ezra, who seems somewhat oblivious to Aria’s true feelings and slightly desperate to keep her in his life. Wren tells Spencer that CeCe was desperate to see Mona since Ali got CeCe kicked out of university from a stunt Ali pulled at a frat party. Wren authorized the visit under the assumption that CeCe could serve as a role model for Mona and also revealed that Melissa called CeCe to tell her Mona was in Radley. Mrs. Fields tells Emily that a male body, late teens/early twenties, with no I.D. had been found earlier in the evening and that it was difficult for the police to identify the body due to significant trauma the body had recently experienced. Hanna and Caleb try to put all the drama with Jamie behind them when she receives a text from “A,” revealing that “A” was responsible for replacing the church bell and framed Jamie. Emily rushes over to Aria’s house where she tells Aria and Hanna about the new body that had been found in the woods where Spencer said it would be. Meanwhile, Spencer is back at Radley late at night. She pulls out a black hoodie and two carnival tickets. Then, it is revealed in a voice-over conversation that Spencer accepted Mona’s offer to join the A Team. In the final scene, a male nurse pushes a body into the morgue with a tattoo identical to Toby’s beginning to fade on the person’s hip. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “I’m Your Puppet” podcast!

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