Pretty Little Liars S:3 | Hot Water E:20 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, hosts Stephanie Wenger and Whitney Lane break down the “Hot Water” episode in which after one of Emily’s shifts at the brew, the girls try to piece together recent clues, including the identity of the girl in the red coat. They are interrupted by Detective Wilden who claims Jason has been spreading rumors about him. Hanna blurts out that the girls know about Wilden’s boat trip with Ali and CeCe in Cape May. Wilden gives them a stern look, offers them a ride home, which Aria refuses on their behalf, then leaves. The next morning, Hanna and Ashley are out for a walk before school and work. Hanna stops when she sees Wilden pressuring CeCe to get into his car. Ashley demands to know what is going on. Reluctantly, Hanna comes clean about knowing CeCe and that she and her friends found out about an illicit relationship between Ali and Wilden. Ella finds Spencer moping in an empty classroom and offers some positive words of encouragement. After school, Wren bumps into Spencer at the brew. He asks her out to dinner and she accepts. Afterward, they share a kiss outside the restaurant and are seen by the mystery girl in the red coat. Spencer tries to follow her but loses sight of her after turning a corner. Mrs. Fitzgerald runs into Aria at the brew and thanks Aria for her kindness to Wes and Ezra, which blindsides Aria. However, when Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment later, she finds Ezra and Mrs. Fitzgerald arguing about her and Malcolm. Ezra defends Aria to his mother who loses the argument and leaves upset. Aria is impressed by Ezra’s confidence. Hanna goes with Emily and Paige to the Rosewood Costume Shop (formerly known as Rosewood’s Halloween Spooktacular Store) to find out who bought the Queen of Hearts costume. While Hanna and Paige distract Shana, the sales associate, Emily sneaks onto the iPad register and emails herself a list of transaction numbers for the Queen of Hearts costume purchases. Later, Paige confesses that she and Shana dated for three weeks and Emily forgives her. When Spencer returns home, she heads into the steamer to relax but gets trapped. She screams for help and sees a note on a foggy mirror saying “Steamy with Wren. Steamy with me -A” Soon afterward, Aria finds her, having received a text from Spencer earlier asking her to come over. Once safe, Spencer tells Aria to call Emily and Hanna because she knows who is helping Mona. Emily goes to CeCe’s apartment and finds her packing to leave Rosewood. CeCe tells Emily that she is not completely sure about what is true about Ali and Wilden’s alleged relationship. CeCe also admits that Melissa was in Cape May and is responsible for taking the picture of Wilden, Ali and CeCe. While dining in a restaurant, Ashley is taken aback when Wilden orders her a drink and sits down at her table. They have an awkward conversation and he leaves. When Ashley leaves the restaurant, Wilden follows her in his police car. Eventually, he pulls her over and begs her to get Hanna to keep quiet. Additionally, Wilden starts threatening Ashley. She tells him to stop, gets into her car to leave, but Wilden won’t move out of the way unless she keeps Hanna quiet. As he appears to reach for his gun, Ashley runs him over. Once she arrives home, Ashley tells Hanna about the accident. They return to the scene of the crime and find Wilden’s body missing. Ashley and Hanna are caught on film at the site of the accident, oblivious to the camera in Wilden’s car that is still recording. The final scene shows an A Team member chopping flowers and creating a bouquet with an emblem that reads “With Deepest Sympathy.” It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Hot Water” podcast!

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