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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, hosts Kellie Olisky and Stephanie Wenger break down the “Dead to Me” episode in which at the Rear Window Brew, Jason explains to the girls that Ali’s remains have been released to the DiLaurentis Family and there will be a re-interment at the mausoleum. He also informs them that the mementos they buried in Ali’s grave are still missing and the police think that they will find the “creeps who did this” if they can find the missing souvenirs. The girls agree to meet him at the mausoleum to say a final farewell to Ali, except for Spencer, who angrily leaves the brew and wants nothing to do with it. At school, Mona delivers Spencer’s paperwork for the upcoming decathlon and expresses concern as Spencer’s recent performance on the team has been waning. Spencer bites back, warning Mona that this is not a game to her. While Ezra is away visiting his son in Delaware, Aria discovers that Ezra’s brother, Wes, was placed under academic suspension for hitting on his physics teacher, which Mrs. Fitzgerald tried to cover up by paying the school board to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Hanna and Caleb drive to his aunt’s house to say a final goodbye before it is sold. After being handed a baby picture of Caleb, Hanna determines that Caleb’s uncle may actually be his biological father. At the police station, the postcard Emily buried in Ali’s grave turns up with a new message from “A” scrawled on the back. Emily seeks Dr. Sullivan for counseling. Dr. Sullivan suggests hypnotherapy and Emily eagerly takes her up on the offer. During an initial hypnosis, Emily revisits the night of Ali’s murder. She recalls approaching Ali with a shovel and swinging it at Ali’s head. Emily breaks out of the hypnosis in a cold sweat. She storms out of Dr. Sullivan’s office, abhorred by her memory. Later, Miles Corwin, the private investigator Spencer hired to follow Toby, tells Spencer that he traced the “A” key to a single unit in a building on Mayflower Hill. When Spencer goes there, she begins sobbing immediately at the sight of the vacant unit. Jason, Aria, Emily, and Hanna gather at the mausoleum to say a final goodbye to Ali. Spencer rushes in shortly thereafter. Against her friends’ wishes, Spencer spills the beans to Jason about Ali being pregnant with Detective Wilden’s child at the time of her murder. Jason leaves abruptly. After scolding Spencer, the other girls also leave. As they walk away puzzled by Spencer’s outburst, the sprinklers go off, triggering Emily’s memory. Emily realizes that she confused her nightmares during the hypnosis. She remembers standing at Ali’s grave with a shovel while someone in a black hoodie jumped into Ali’s open grave, digging for something. After begging the person in black to stop, Emily is carried away. Emily also remembers seeing a girl with blond hair wearing a red coat but she is unable to see her face. Emily concludes that this girl is the person in charge. Before leaving the mausoleum, Spencer carves Toby’s name onto his dead mother’s tombstone using the “A” key, which signifies that Toby is dead to her. The final scene shows a person wearing black purchasing a bottle of whiskey and pulling out a Delaware driver’s license from a wallet. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Dead to Me” podcast!

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