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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Deidre Behar breaks down the “Blood Is The New Black” episode in which Emily sorts through her bag as she sits down and finds a necklace that looks like human teeth, spelling “dead girls can’t smile.” Terrified, she asks to be excused and hurries out of the class as her friends follow her. The girls gather around the necklace in the bathroom. While trying to decide whether to give it to the police, they drop it in the toilet. Spencer tries to grab it slowly, but the sensors turn on, and the toilet flushes away their evidence. Aria finds another grave present in her locker; a pair of earrings she put into Alison’s casket to remember the times they spent together – the earrings represent the one time they trashed her dad’s office pretending to be his college-age mistress. Aria gets a text threatening to out her to the police if she doesn’t tell her dad. Her father is extremely disappointed and mad at her, but lets her off easy, since Aria had to lie for him for years. Emily takes a make-up test for English, but she gets distracted during the test and doesn’t finish the test completely, before handing over the paper to Ella. Feeling bad for Emily, Ella herself completes the paper and grades it herself. When Ezra asks how Emily fared in the test, Ella tells him that she doesn’t need to retake the test as Emily fared really well in it. Aria goes to apologize to Meredith, who is trying to get a job at Rosewood High, much to Aria’s fury. It is later revealed Spencer’s mother is Garret’s lawyer, and he tells Spencer someone has them all fooled – medical records don’t lie, before sealing his mouth shut – advice from his lawyer. Hanna is still seeing Mona, who is still catatonic. Hanna finally breaks down and tells Caleb where she’s been going when he figures out she’s lying. He’s hurt she couldn’t tell him the truth and accompanies her to visit Mona, even though he doesn’t want to. Hanna finally figures out a way to break through to Mona – giving her a makeover, complete with eye shadow, foundation, and mascara. Mona looks indifferently at her reflection in the mirror. Hanna gets mad again and says “Look, I didn’t come here to play beauty shop with you.” Mona speaks for the first time since Hanna’s visits – “You’re getting them again, aren’t you? The texts?” All four girls are seen arguing in the bathroom about Hanna having to go back to talk to Mona to get more information out of her. When they are about to leave they see Jenna heading towards the bathroom, so they quickly go back in, but Spencer leaves the earring above the sink to see what Jenna’s reaction would be. With two girls hiding and spying per stall, Jenna walks in and walks toward the sink. When she spots the earring she takes her glasses off and inspects it. The girls see that Jenna is not blind, as Jenna leaves the bathroom without the earring, the girls argue over Jenna’s sight. Spencer convinces the other girls that they keep the truth about Jenna’s sight a secret and then use it later against her. In the end, ‘A’ is seen buying various black sweaters and gloves while wearing a red hoodie. The cashier says, “You buying this for a team?” There to help Deidre are co-hosts Pat Lambert, Whitney Lane, and Katie Krause. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Blood Is The New Black” podcast!

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