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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Kellie Olisky breaks down the “Birds of a Feather” episode in which the girls discuss Jenna at the Grille. They talk about a new A list, and cross off Lucas and Melissa. Jason yells at Veronica for defending Garrett. He goes outside and the girls see he’s offering a $50,000 reward for “information leading to the recovery of Alison DiLaurentis’ remains”. Hanna is told by a nurse that Mona has lost her visitation privileges. Maya’s cousin Nate drops by to see Emily at work. He’s moved to Rosewood and wants to talk. Caleb tells Hanna about Mona’s screaming fit when he went to threaten her. Hanna tells Caleb to stay out of it. Emily meets with Nate, who is a new Hollis student. He thinks if Maya’s parents hadn’t threatened to send her back to True North she might still be alive. He gives her a present that Maya wasn’t able to send. At Radley, Wilden shows Wren a court order saying he’s allowed to see Mona. Nate tells Emily that Maya told him Emily was her first real love. Emily asks for Maya’s parents’ address so she can send them a thank-you. He leaves, but leaves a book behind. Wren tells Hanna that Wilden is asking Mona about Alison’s remains. She wants him to let her in to ask one question, but he’s worried about getting in trouble. The girls talk about Wilden talking to Mona and what she might know. Spencer decides to go to Philly and dig up more info about Melissa and her baby. Ashley gets a notice from her dating profile about a possible date. The girls go to Melissa’s apartment to search for her medical records while Spencer distracts her. In a garment bag they find what looks like a feather that matches the feather the girls got from the Black Swan dress. Spencer confronts Melissa about being the Black Swan and not losing the baby when she said she did. She said she lost the baby the night she found Ian’s body. Losing the baby and Ian simultaneously was “too much,” which was why she lied. Melissa tells her mother and sister that she received the dress along with a note that said if she didn’t wear it to the masquerade she’d be exposed as lying about her baby. The note told her to distract Jenna at the ball. Hanna gets a text from A saying “I’m everywhere, Hanna” along with a picture of a car accident in Montecito. Caleb tells Hanna his mother was in a car accident… in Montecito. His mom told Caleb she thought somebody was trying to run her off the road. Hanna decides not to tell him about the new A after all. Caleb then breaks up with Hanna, tired of all her secrets. Ella tells Aria she knows about Byron seeing Meredith again, but is fine with it. Emily meets with Nate and he says he thinking of transferring. He’s tired of hearing so much about Maya’s death and just wants to move on. Emily tells him that he has a friend if he ever wants to come back. Emily looks at the shirt that Nate gave her and feels like Maya might still be alive. Spencer meets with Jason. He says he’s withdrawing the reward. But when Spencer leaves, Jason signs a check for $50,000 and calls someone, telling them to meet with him for the reward. Wilden drives up to Spencer and asks, “How far is your family’s lake house?” At the end of the episode, we see A, in the Montecito airport, hacking the computer system of the Radley Sanitarium permitting Mona to have visitors. There to help Kellie is co-host Stephanie Wenger. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “Birds of a Feather” podcast!

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