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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this show, host Deidre Behar breaks down the episode “The Devil You Know” in which Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer learn that Ian’s suicide note wasn’t real, it was just made up of A text messages. Aria’s brother Mike is caught trying to break into Jason DiLaurentis’ house and is also the one that stole things from Emily’s garage and pushed Aria in Spencer’s house. Aria also struggles in her relationship with Ezra, not knowing how or when to go public. Melissa tells Spencer that her baby is a girl and while talking to Melissa, Ian’s phone goes off in Spencer’s bag making it look like Spencer was pretending to be Ian by texting Melissa. Hanna meets Caleb’s foster mom, Janet, and says that if she doesn’t continue giving Caleb his money until he is 18, then Hanna is going to bring Janet to court. While Emily is at a delivery store, she comes across Logan Reed, the guy Ian got to deliver the $10,000 to the girls. Logan then tells Emily that he never met Ian and that he was hired by a woman on the phone. At Ian’s funeral, Aria talks to Jason who tells her he thought he could have possibly killed Alison while he was drunk the night of her death and his suspicions were raised when he woke up the next morning with a note that read “I know what you did.” Emily’s clues from A’s texts lead the girls to Alison’s grave where A plays the video of Ian presumably killing Alison with the added part of Ali shown to be unharmed revealing she was still alive and Ian may not have been her murderer. There to help Deidre are co-hosts Joslyn Davis, Dana Livingston Ward, Sydney De Bear, and David Schifilliti. It’s Pretty Little Liar’s “The Devil You Know” episode.

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