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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this show, host Deidre Behar breaks down the “Picture This” episode in which Spencer begins to suspect more and more about Jason after finding his broken hockey stick in her yard, and deciding that he was the one who stole the missing page in Alison’s autopsy file. While spying on him in his front yard and seeing how protective he is over the shed in his yard, she and Emily decide to break in and see what is so mysterious in it. While in the shed, they find pictures of Aria while she is sleeping, and a box of cameras and spying equipment. This leads the girls to realizing that Jason is spying on Aria, and could be spying on all of them. Meanwhile, Emily is under a ton of pressure. First, A put steroids in her pain cream which caused her blood tests to show signs of human growth hormones. Hanna’s mom allows Emily to have Samara and some of Samara’s friends over for a small get together, and A forces Emily to give her phone number to one of Samara’s friends, Zoey. A tells Emily that if she doesn’t get Zoey’s number, she will tell everyone that Emily is taking steroids. Samara’s other friend catches Emily giving Zoey her number and then later tells Samara which ends Emily’s relationship with her. Aria begins to have continuous dreams about Jason, which she feels is threatening her relationship with Ezra. She tries to spend more time with Ezra(she surprises him by making out in his office), but her dreams continue. Along with this, Aria is also trying to figure out why Mike is robbing houses. Later at the park, Jason kisses Aria, but she tells him she is already taken, leading Jason to think she’s afraid of him. Hanna discovers that the man following Caleb is not a police man, but instead a private investigator hired by his birth mother to find him. Caleb receives her phone number and is not sure whether to call her or not. However, Hanna convinces him that he should call his mother since the story of what happened to her and why she left Caleb have been torturing Caleb for twelve years. Caleb calls his mother and has a heartfelt phone conversation with her, leading him to leave Rosewood and go to California to see her. However, he notes that he will come back soon; after Caleb’s departure Hanna calls her father and tells him that she will be a bridesmaid for his wedding and show up for the fitting. Spencer and Emily return to Jason’s shed, only to find that he has discovered someone was in it and he has removed everything in it and only left the flashlight they dropped before. In the final scene, we see A developing a photograph of Spencer and Emily entering Jason’s shed in Jason’s darkroom. The Liars focus in on Jason, in more ways than one. There to help Deidre are co-hosts Joslyn Davis, David Schifilliti, Sydney De Bear and Stephanie Chapluk. It’s Pretty Little Liar’s “Picture This” podcast!

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