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AFTERBUZZ TV – Pretty Little Liars edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, host Pat Lambert breaks down the “CTRL:A” episode in which, in school, Caleb is still hacking into A’s files. Garrett enters the school, looking for Caleb. Caleb immediately locks his computer; Garrett shows him a court order forcing him to give his laptop to the police. Garrett says someone is hacking into the school’s files and he traced it back to his IP address. In the computer lab, Caleb tells Hanna Garrett can’t get past his firewall without his help and the files from A are all on flashdrives. Hanna fears someone did get into his laptop and put the evidence somewhere Caleb wouldn’t find them. Hanna tells him to hack into his computer and delete the files. Aria finally finds out what Holden is doing on their “dates” – he is doing martial arts but his parents forbid as Holden has a heart condition. Spencer visits Jason where he tells her that he found another one of Ali’s boxes under the floorboards at their grandma’s house. There were love letters amongst others from Spencer’s dad to Jason’s mom, and $15,000. Spencer thinks Ali must have gotten the money by blackmailing Spencer’s father after finding them. Later, The girls go to meet the man they agreed to see who had information about Alison’s alter-ego Vivian. He says Vivian told him about a friend called Alison who was getting texts from somebody with a blocked number and she would pay to find out who. The man claims to have found out who, but told Vivian before she gave him the money, and got fired for accessing restricted info. When Aria asks what he knows, he says he wants what Vivian owes – $2,000. He leaves his number and his name, Jonah. At the police station, Wilden tells Garrett there is a new piece of evidence about the missing page of the autopsy report. Meanwhile, Byron gets a note from A, revealing the location of Aria’s date with Ezra. At Hanna’s house, Maya tells Emily her parents found an old joint in her room from before she got busted. Ashley and Hanna are called to the police station where they reveal a photo of Emily, Spencer, and Hanna in nurse dresses outside the morgue. Hanna tells Ashley it was a practical joke and they don’t know anything about the missing page. At Emily’s party, Hanna tells the girls about the picture and that Garrett stole copies of the autopsy report. At home Spencer talks with her dad about Jason and admits he cheated and got Jessica DiLaurentis pregnant. She kept the baby and moved to Atlanta with her family but moved back 5 years later, and Peter never asked why. Spencer asks about the letters and money, but he says he never gave money to the DiLaurentis family. Wilden and Garrett tell Caleb to log in to his computer. In her bedroom, Hanna is trying to hack into Caleb’s computer to delete the files, but can’t remember his password. Wilden and Garrett go through Caleb’s files while Hanna successfully logs in to Caleb’s account and finds the files “A” planted and deletes them clearing Caleb’s name. Spencer tells Jason Ali needed the money to find someone she was afraid of and that the girls intend to as well. In the final scene, Emily is in the kitchen while A watches her through the window. There to help Pat is co-host Grace. It’s Pretty Little Liars’ “CTRL:A” podcast!

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