Pregnancy & Body-Swapping-S5 E8 ‘The Magicians’ Review & Recap

What happens when the world depends on students turned master magicians to save the world time and time again? You get The Magicians, and more importantly you get THE MAGICIANS AFTER SHOW! We will break down and discuss each episode of this crazy show that keeps us on the edge of our seats, as well as our special segment, news and gossip surrounding the show and the cast, plus our predictions of whats to come!

The Fillory squad makes a plan to take out the Dark King, but because Margo promised Eliot that he wouldn’t have to be the one to do it, things get complicated. But, in true Magicians form, the complication made for a great solution-Margo and Elliot swap bodies. This leaves Eliot as Margo with Josh and Margo as Eliot with the Dark King. Josh tries to air out the relationship issues between him and Margo but clearly it wasn’t the best timing. On the other end of things, Margo as Eliot sees  a side of the Dark King she wasn’t expecting. You could see the conflict in her, but before she could make her move, Julia sweeps in and kills the Dark King….until the final scene where we see him alive.

Julia and Fen are paired up for this episode and it was the perfect duo for the situation. Julia finds out she’s pregnant and confides in Fen. Julia doesn’t know when she will tell Penny, but since Fillory is speeding up the pregnancy, who knows if she’ll even have the opportunity.

Back at Brakebills Penny, Hamish and Alice are faced with a spore exposed taxonomist who ends up spreading itself to the students and Penny. During a conversation about grief between Hamish and Alice, they’re able to figure out how to dilute the spore.

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