Predictions for ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2!

Fans have been waiting for the new season, and they are already sharing their thoughts about what they think will happen!

Season 2 of Yellowjackets comes out on March 24th on Showtime, and fans have been waiting for this since 2021, when the first season was released, leaving us wanting more!

Apparently, the casting of new characters will reveal the locations of two other survivors. Viewers also want to know what happened to Shauna’s baby, whether Jeff is aware of the cannibalism secret, and what is going on with Lottie’s cult in the present day.

Fans are making predictions about why present day characters are mad at Misty. One person suggested they were going to be rescued way before they did, but Misty wanted to stay.

Fans have also been discussing a piece of embroidered fabric that will be seen in the new season. Some say it looks like a baby blanket (maybe for Shauna’s baby?), a map, or a symbol used for protection. Some are also guessing it could be part of the AQ’s veil or even a memory quilt. No matter what it is, it’s concerning, considering the blood splatter.

Fans are also suggesting that multiple people are in on it that swap face coverings and have other rituals. This would make it harder to track who it is.

Of course, there are predictions about Shauna’s baby. There seems to be an agreed consensus that the baby is alive. One fan believes the baby is a boy and will be revealed as the AQ!

Another fan believes the baby is part of Lotti’s present day cult. They think Shauna is upset because she was rescued, and her baby was not.

There was also the suggestion that Jackie was killed. A fan believes she could have been murdered by Van as revenge.

On the topic of Jackie’s death, a fan predicts they ‘feast upon her’ while trying to cremate her body.

Check out the season 2 trailer here, and make sure to tune in to Yellowjackets on March 24th!

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