Potential Top 10 Picks For The 2023 NFL Draft!

The 2023 NFL Draft is coming up and we have the potential first 10 picks based on expert opinions!

Bryce Young seems to be the consensus first pick of the draft. The Carolina Panthers traded up to get the first pick, and it could potentially be to get this guy. Bryce Young is a junior at The University of Alabama, he is one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. The Panthers have been in need of a franchise quarterback for a few years now, Young could be the answer.


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The second pick in the draft may also be a quarterback, C.J. Stroud. Stroud is a junior at Ohio State University. The first and second picks are a toss-up right now, either Stroud or Young could go at number one. If Young is taken first, Stroud could be very useful for the Houston Texans, who have the second pick. The Texans also need a franchise quarterback, but there is also talk about Houston potentially taking a non-quartback with their pick, so we cant be sure until it’s all said and done.


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The third pick is most likely going to be either an edge rusher or quarterback. Multiple names have been tossed out but the favorite is Will Anderson Jr, who plays for The University of Alabama. The Cardinals have the third pick, and with Kyler Murray leading the team at quarterback it is likely they go with the powerful edge rusher in Anderson.


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Coming in at the fourth pick of the draft could be Will Levis, who played quarterback for Kentucky. The Colts have the fourth pick of the draft and they need a quarterback. Levis is only slightly the favorite option, but Anthony Richardson could go at number four just as easily.


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The Seattle Seahawks hold the fifth pick in the draft due to a trade from Denver. The Seahawks could decide to get a quarterback to assist Geno Smith, but they will most likely go with a defensive lineman. The Seahawks need someone to help them stop the run game and it could potentially be Tyree Wilson, defensive lineman for Texas Tech. If Anderson Jr is still unpicked, the Seahawks may choose to take him. One thing is for sure the Seahawks have a chance to add a top five prospect for the first time in 13 years.


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The sixth pick is held by the Detriot Lions, who will most likely be acquiring a defensive threat. This pick is very similar to the Seahawks, in that it could be a few different defensive lineman. If Jalen Carter, defensive lineman for Georgia, makes it this far he may be their best bet. Similarly if Wilson or Anderson Jr are still unpicked, they could be taken by the Lions.


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The Raiders are next on our list with the seventh pick, they will likely be taking Christian Gonzalez. The Raiders have made big roster changes in the past year, but they need to strengthen their secondary. Christian Gonzalez is a top cornerback prospect from Oregon, he is leaving the Ducks as a sophomore to start a hopefully long and prosperous career in the NFL.


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The eighth pick is held by the Atlanta Falcons, they could be a few different people like most of the picks on our list, but they have been building a strong defense and that could be the direction they take with their pick this year. They could be adding Devon Witherspoon, a cornerback out of Illinois to fortify that secondary.


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The Chicago Bears have the ninth pick in the draft and after the amount of sacks Justin Fields suffered this year, they may be acquiring some protection with their pick. The Bears could be picking Peter Skoronski, an offensive lineman out of Northwestern. He is versatile and can be added to either side of the Bears offensive line.


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Rounding out our list with the 10th pick in the draft is the Philidelphia Eagles. The defending NFC champions have a history of investing in their defensive line and they may stick with tradition and acquire a defensive lineman this year. The Eagles could choose Lukas Van Ness, a sophomore out of Iowa.


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