Podcasts You Should Be Listening To!

It’s international podcast day, and as that’s what we do here at AfterBuzz TV, we wanted to share with you some other podcasts we love!

Below are some picks from our writing staff to help you get through your week with laughter, love, knowledge while also being entertained.

Olivia Campus: Call Her Daddy Podcast

This popular Barstool Sports podcast will give you all the dating and hookup advice in the most hilarious and fun way with its host Alex Cooper. Call Her Daddy is definitely a podcast for the girls!

Elizabeth Perkin: VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

Being able to listen to some of my favorite YouTubers and get to know them on a more personal level than on YouTube has been a great part of the VIEWS podcast. Every week they have me laughing along with them as they tell some of the craziest stories of things they’ve done and probably would be the only ones to do!

Meagan Lynn: Office Ladies

As an after show network, we at AfterBuzz TV love a good after show! The Office Ladies podcast is the ultimate podcast for fans of The Office: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey recap a new episode of the show each week and give fans all the behind-the-scenes facts we never knew. They even bring on the cast and crew members to share their favorite memories from making the show!

Russell Ray: The Shred with Science Podcast with Dr. Chris Spearman

I love the Shred with Science Podcast! Dr. Chris Spearman talks about confidently attaining the body you’ve always wanted. He breaks down the toughest and roughest parts of getting cover model ready, mentally preparing you for what it’s going to take to unlock your inner strength to diet right, get through the rough patches of fitness and get that look you’ve been waiting for.

Chelsie Overocker: Hallmark Channels’ Bubbly Sesh

I’m a big Hallmark fan and love listening to the Bubbly Sesh with Jacklyn Collier and Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook. These ladies do a fantastic job breaking down all Hallmark’s movies and they have amazing guest interviews. Whenever I need my Hallmark fix I tune into the Bubbly Sesh.

Sana Moore: Holla at A Schola

Are you a feen for learning about subjects you don’t know much about, like the economy, becoming a millionaire, and or Black cultural issues? Well, look no further because this podcast will teach you a wide range of information!

What’s a 9 to 5?

Calling all the creatives in the world, this podcast is for you! ‘What’s a 9 to 5’ will motivate you to be the best you, you can possibly be! You’ll also be inspired to follow your dreams through hearing success stories and personal experiences!

Natalie Benoit: Tiny Meet Gang

Tiny Meet Gang (TMG) is a commentary podcast hosted by the comedic duo and YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller. The TMG creators poke fun at a wide array of topics, ranging from Bitcoin to Love Island, while always sharing witty comments and inside jokes with followers.

Roxy Striar: Life is Short with Justin Long

If you’re as big a Justin Long fan as I am, you’re going to be completely obsessed with this interview based podcast. Justin gets the most interesting celebs to open up to him from Kristen Bell to Jonah Hill to Neil deGrasse Tyson. This podcast is a must listen for entertainment lovers, industry professionals, and big dreamers.

Briana Phipps: Getting Curios With Jonathan Van Ness

Like many Jonathan came into my life when Netflix’s Queer Eye premiered and I couldn’t wait for the future seasons to be able to watch him change lives and warm hearts. Luckily I found his podcast so I can get my Jonathan fix every week! Bringing on experts in the different fields they break down a variety of different topics, from tough subjects like the election and how parental separation can affect children, to more light hearted ones like how to be a better cat parent. If you want to learn and listen to some insightful and open conversations then you need to check this podcast out!

Keven Undergaro: The Hollywood Godfather Podcast

If you’re a fan of old Hollywood and real life mafia tales, you will be ecstatic to listen to Gianni Russo’s Hollywood Godfather podcast. Russo’s life dealing with the likes of Sinatra, Monroe, Brando and Elvis along with Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello and even Pablo Escobar, makes for one of the most fascinating biographies ever. Listeners are treated, weekly, to stories never before told from a man who is both authentic and evolved.

Entire Staff: Better Together With Maria Menounos

Of course we couldn’t forget our amazing founders podcast! This podcast gives insights daily on how you can transform your life though health and awareness. Maria brings on experts in a variety of fields, to give advice on relationships, stress, anxiety, and more. The show’s healthcare experts, therapists, spiritual gurus, and celebrity guests each offer insight and knowledge for you to have in your toolbelt. It will give you the ‘pick me up’ that coffee can’t always give you!

What’s your favorite podcast let us know in the comments below!

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