Places Your Favorite Teen Dramas Like ‘Stranger Things’ & ‘Euphoria’ Were Filmed!

Ever wanted to see where your favorite show was filmed? Here are a few places you can visit that were real locations used as sets for television!

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As viewers for shows, it’s easy to assume everything was filmed on a set, especially with the new technology that’s out. However, some of your favorite shows actually have real filming locations that any fan could visit. Here are some places your favorite teen dramas were filmed!

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries fans from all over the world love traveling to a town called Covington, Georgia which happens to be the home of the infamous Mystic Falls and the Salvatore brothers. The best part about Covington is how interactive the town is with the fans because it has tons of sightseeing options all related to the show. Although the inside is different from the show, one could go visit the Mystic Grill which actually happens to be completely real and used for filming from the outside. When there, you can even buy blood bags to drink out of, which makes the experience that much better. Some of the actual houses from the show are also in Covington and any fan has the opportunity to take a look and even get a few cool pictures!

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One Tree Hill

This throwback show has fans still traveling to good ole’ Tree Hill which is actually Wilmington, North Carolina, years after the final season. The town has multiple locations that fans are able to walk through and even recreate a few of their favorite moments from the show. The iconic bridge where the intro is filmed is a really popular spot for fans to go to, along with the park where Lucas used to play basketball. While in Wilmington, the houses for the characters are all there and anyone can go look and take pictures of them. There are so many different landmarks in Wilmington that any true fan would not want to miss out on!



Although a majority of Euphoria is filmed in the Sony Pictures Studio, there are still locations in Los Angeles that any fan would totally recognize from the show! To start off, the high school which we know as East Highland High School is actually a real public school located in Valley Glen Los Angeles called Ulysses S. Grant High. Fez and Ashtray’s business was also a real location that happens to be a dairy store called Alta Dena Dairy in Temple City, Los Angeles which fans would for sure recognize. The motel seen on screen when Jules is meeting up with Nate’s dad is a real Travel Inn that fans can visit located in the North Hills of Los Angeles. Even though a lot is filmed on set, there are still memorable places fans can visit that will make you feel like you’re in the show!

Stranger Things

The town of Hawkins, Indiana is fictional; however, filming for Stranger Things was done in a few different towns located in Georgia. Walking through the town of Jackson will allow fans to feel as though they are walking through Hawkins as they’ll be able to see familiar stores we saw on the show. In a town called East Point, anyone can drive through and see a few of the houses used for some families in the show as Mike’s for example. The cool part about these houses is that they are located on the same street so fans can walk around and take fun pictures with their favorite character’s home. Visiting a town called Berry St. Stockbridge is the home of Hawkins Middle School which happens to be a real school that is unused, but anyone can walk around and even peek inside.

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Gossip Girl

Watching Gossip Girl makes any viewer want to travel to New York and live a day in the life of Blair and Serena. Luckily, you can have yourself a ‘Gossip Girl’ day and go to some of the same places as your favorite characters from the show! The most iconic location that fans everywhere always snap a picture of has to be the ‘Met’ steps which is the popular staircase outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where Blair hung out with her friends. Another fun spot to go to is Chuck’s Empire Hotel which is actually a real hotel in New York. A lot of fans love to visit the hotel and even stay a night there just to feel like they’re living the lavish life of the one and only Chuck Bass. The fountain where Chuck and Blair got married is a spot you absolutely can’t miss out on! One can go and even recreate the scene under the arch with the fountain in the background. There are so many locations that are accessible for fans to visit and there are even Gossip Girl Tours anyone can book to get the full experience!

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While many television shows now are mainly filmed on elaborate sets, it’s fun discovering w shows that used public locations that you can visit and feel like you’re walking in your favorite character’s shoes!

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