Picking Up The Pieces – S1 E2 ‘The Most Dangerous Animal Of All’ Recap & Review

Zodiac. The name itself holds hundreds of stories. Here on the AFTERBUZZ TV MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL OF ALL AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’re going to discuss the Hulu based docu-series all about the man whose father might be the Zodiac Killer. We’re going to discuss all the facts, all the mysteries, and all the secrets as we break down the series episode by episode. Join us for our special segments, news and gossip, and all of our predictions!

In the second episode Gary Steward sought assistance from True Crime author Susan Mustafa with putting together the pieces of his father’s story as the possible Zodiac killer. As we study the story of The Zodiac Killer, we see that he begins sending letters to various newspapers with ciphers to decode. He commits multiple horrific murders, boasts about them, and continuously taunts police. We concurrently learn more about the evilness of Gary’s father. He surrounded himself with Charles Manson followers and was fascinated by the founder of The Church of Satan.  We also learn that he was very violent with his wives. We learn that there are many undeniable similarities between his father and The Zodiac killer (ex.Both know how to decipher codes, handwriting samples, similar finger scar, police sketch, Van and The Zodiac were in the same locations). Gary is convinced his father IS the Zodiac killer and decides to make it his mission to find him.

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