Picard. In Space. Finally. – S1 E3 ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap & Review

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Are you ready to fully explore the world of Star Trek and discover new worlds? From the original series to Discovery to Picard, We’re taking you way back before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission so you can discover everything there is to know about Star Trek. Each week we will discuss new findings and themes from the show. Tune in here for reviews of previous and current seasons, recaps of storylines, and in-depth discussions on specific themes from the trek universe.

Episode Recap

 Picard’s visit with Raffi – a former crew member who helped him after the Romulan Supernova and was fired when he resigned – ends with her connecting Picard to a pilot. We meet the pilot who’s also former Starfleet. Soji is introduced to a very special ex-Borg who is also a Romulan and who calls Sofi The Destroyer. Picard and his Romulan helpers fight off the Tal Shiar with help from Dr. Jurati who convinces Picard that she must go with him to find Soji. They all board the ship to we don’t actually know where yet but Picard says “Engage” so we’re on our way!

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Christian Bladt, Flobo Boyce, Angelica Trae, Nikki Bailey

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