Philyp Merrill guests on Game Of Clones S:1 Clone Culture E:2 Review

MTV Game of Clones episode 2 features Pauly D. who finds his Fox, Kailyn narrows down her Quavo’s and Challenge’s Nicole Zanatta is searching for her Ciara. Hosts Jim Alexander, Lindsay Hoffman, Tiffany Toney and Chef Beanz are joined by one of Kailyn’s Quevo’s, Phil Merrell. Watch us all break down episode 2.


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Lindsay Hoffman


Jim Alexander


Tiffany Toney The BeastMode Barbie


Chef Beanz

Do you think it’s weird that Celebs have a type? Would you date them if you were their type based on looks? Game of Clones features 2 celebrities choosing from a group of 7 possible love interest who fit “Their Type”! Join us every week as we break it all down, talk about the cringe, talk about the drama, and hopefully talk about the sweet. Every week it’s more couples and every week we’re serving up discussion. Comment with your favorite episode, and be sure to rate, subscribe, and thumbs up to stay up to date with all things Game Of Clones!

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