Paul & Karine Divorcing FOR REAL + Jeniffer & Veronica Drug Accusations | 90 Day Fiancè News Weekly

Who is revealing her history of dating much older men? Which newbie’s criminal history includes domestic battery?? Join the conversation LIVE as we cover the week’s hottest 90 Day Fiancè news headlines! Share your thoughts on Paul & Karine’s divorce, burglary, & claims they’re not scamming fans, Juliana calling herself too fat to model now, Syngin defending Tania’s airport demands, Jeniffer & Veronica accusing each other of using drugs, Paola posing in a thong with baby Axel, Jesse challenging Jake Paul to a boxing match, Jorge revealing how he lost 125 pounds in prison, why the cast is promoting Corey on Insta, Nicole’s dad being released from jail, Ashley teasing a new show with an ex, & much more! Chime in the live chat for a shoutout on 90 Day Fiancè News Weekly!

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