Parker is James Bond – S1 E9 ‘Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’ Recap & Review

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Below Deck is  HUGE FRANCHISE! So we gotta cover ALL OF IT! Join us for the AFTERBUZZ TV Below Deck After Show where we break down every episode of Below Deck! From Mediterranean to Yacht Sailing and more! Join us for weekly discussions, tea, and news! Subscribe and comment!
Jenna and Adam pick up the pieces of Madison and Ciara’s botched picnic. Jenna won’t let Madison get away with not wearing a bra. Georgia steps up to surprise the guests with a pink party and rises to the challenge. Parker tries to prove himself by executing a mission for the guests, while Ciara steps aside to let him make his own mistakes. The boat breaks down and he figures it out for himself. Madison professes her attraction to Parker, but he has been communicating with his ex-girlfriend.
  • Hosted by Amir Yassai (@amiryass_)

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