Pandemic Productions: ‘Riverdale’, ‘Batwoman’, ‘All American’, & ‘Legend of Tomorrow’

More productions have resumed filming following COVID shutdowns and we’re keeping you updated on all of them!

Another week, another industry update!

We’re taking a look at more television shows that have resumed production following corona shutdowns. This week we have four CW shows, so if you’re a fan of the network you’ll be thrilled!


Production has restarted for Batwoman in Vancouver after delays in testing prompted a halt – a problem The CW network seems to be having a lot. The network has been having issues with receiving test results from facilities. Without knowing if cast and crew were testing positive, they had to make the choice to pause filming. They have now resumed and things seem to be going well!


Similar to Batwoman, the mega popular show, Riverdale, was also delayed due to testing. After filming for roughly two weeks, production was stopped. It has since restarted and will resume filming its fifth season! One of the show’s stars, Cole Sprouse, posted this fun photo of co-star Cami Mendes with the caption “back to work”!

Legends of Tomorrow

A spin-off show of CW’s Arrow, unlike other shows from the network, this series had yet to announce production dates. However, yesterday the show’s official Instagram account posted the cast on set and ready to go!

All American

This CW series halted production just a couple weeks ago after an onset member tested positive. Filming was postponed to ensure the safety of their crew, but has since restarted. This sports drama is filmed at a Los Angeles high school and is moving into its third season.

It seems like the CW is having a large amount of success in restarting productions! Based on the past few weeks, fans feel confident that they will be seeing many of their favorite superhero shows soon.

This is a great sign and we are sure there’s more to come!

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