‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 Fan Theories!

Netflix recently dropped a trailer for the newest season of Outerbanks, so we’ve rounded up the most compelling theories for the newest season!

Netflix released a trailer for its much anticipated new season of Outer Banks which is coming out on Feb 23. Since the last season, fans have had time to cook up some fantastic theories of what they think might go down in the new episodes of the action-packed show.

Fans on Twitter are most excited about the theory of JJ and Kiara finally getting together this season after three years of waiting. If you stop the trailer a minute and 50 seconds in, you can maybe even see Kie looking at JJ’s lips before perhaps going in for a kiss!?! Not to mention the next clip in the trailer, which is JJ and Kie riding a motorcycle together.

Episode titles were also recently released, and fans have been using those to concoct their theories, including a couple of pretty angsty ones centered around JJ and Kiara and her kidnapping that has been teased in trailers for this season.

This season has Rafe with a new buzzcut. Some fans think maybe the new look comes with a new personality and potentially some redeemable qualities despite how much people have loved to hate him in the first few seasons.

To support the theory of Rafe’s untimely end, some eagle-eyed fans caught a shot 21 seconds into the new trailer where a red motorcycle crashes into a pillar. The bike could maybe be the same one Rafe buys in the first season with the generator money. It could also potentially mean bad things for JJ and Kie, with a different clip in the trailer showing them also riding a motorcycle.

@bailsscline JUST A THEORY but im scared for him oml😫#obxseason3 #obxtrailer #jjmaybank #foryoupage #fypシ #obxtheory #viral #obxseason3 ♬ original sound – kate💌

Other fans think that this season is going to be unlike any other, with the introduction of magical elements in the show with the search for the idols mentioned in the trailer.

@ilovemesomeobx the bandana is def gonna be magic lol idk i think itll be good bc the trailer looks AMAZING #obx #obxtrailer #obxseason3 ♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

Less of a theory and more of a blatantly obvious spoiler; the last two seasons had John B desperately looking for his dad, who was missing at sea, and this trailer shows their reunion. Some fans are upset with this moment being spoiled in the trailer since it was such a huge plot point in the first season.

Knowing the Pogues, anything can happen this season, and no matter what, it will be exciting and keep fans on their toes. What are you most excited to see this season on Outer Banks? Let us know on social media!

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