‘Outer Banks’ Has Started Filming Season 2

‘Outer Banks’ has started filming season two leaving us to wonder what questions will finally be answered.

Pogues and kooks get ready for season two of Outer Banks! Filming has finally started for the upcoming season, which had been on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The cast has reunited and are sharing behind the scenes sneak peeks of what’s to come. While some things will look a bit different behind the scenes, fans can expect an action packed season as John B. and Sarah go in search of the Pogues stolen gold.

Photo Credit: Outer Bank’s Instagram

The entire cast has been seen in Charleston, South Carolina where they filmed the first season of the Netflix show. The Outer Banks official Instagram posted a group shot of the five lead actors jumping along with individual pictures of them all posing with their masks on.

Photo Credit: Outer Bank’s Instagram

We can’t wait to hopefully have answers to many of the cliffhangers that season one ended at.

What will happen in the Bahamas? Everyone is dying to know if John B, Sarah, and the rest of the Pogues make it in time to reclaim the gold.

Do JJ, Kiara, and Pope meet up with John B and Sarah? Well the entire cast has been spotted together so we can only hope that means that the Pogues reunite. After John B and Sarah’s boat ended up capsizing as they tried to escape the Outer Banks during a strong storm surge, the rest of their friends don’t know if they are dead or alive.

Photo Credit: Outer Bank’s Instagram

Will Sarah’s dad, Ward be arrested or will his wealth and ability to lie keep him from doing hard time? Ward has turned into the cold, money driven man that we have all come to hate. Especially after trying to kidnap his own daughter and take her to the Bahamas with the gold.

Is Sheriff Susan Peterkin going to make it after Rafe shot her? The infamous airport scene left us with so many questions but this might be the biggest one. No one saw this coming, not even Ward but Rafe thought this is how he could step up and be a man.

So many unanswered questions but we will all have to wait for season two to be released, hopefully it will come out some time soon.

While there is no set release date yet from Netflix, the creators of the hit show believe it will be sometime at the end of next year!

Let us know what your favorite moments from season were and what you’re hoping we will see in season two! Make sure to keep up with AfterBuzz TV for the latest news in entertainment.

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