Outcomes Of The Couples From Split Week On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’!

From the new women making their way to paradise to the new men flocking in The Estates any love connection is possible. See below the outcomes of what happened with the original couples as the split came in full swing on this week’s episodes of Bachelor In Paradise.

At the end of Monday night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Jesse Palmer sat everyone down to inform the women that they would be leaving paradise for a week and be split from their already strong connections. As the women were as shocked as viewers around the world, the tornado came full swing to paradise when five new women walked in to see if they could form a connection with these potential bachelors. Although the men would be put to the test, the women soon came to the realization that they would also be tested as five new men walked into their estate. In the wise words of Brandon Jones, “I know a lot of these girls who are leaving right now ain’t coming back to a man”. See below the outcomes of how the original couples in paradise are being tested during splits week.

Danielle & Michael: New Spark Formed

During Monday night’s episode, Michael A. was doubting that he would be receiving a rose from anyone at this time. Before the rose ceremony, men continued to drop like flies as Pizza Pete left on a rampage saying good morning in italian instead of goodnight, and Casey passed out due to the drama that ensued.

This left the potential of three men being sent home from paradise with Justin, James, and Michael remaining. As the drama continued, an angel flew on to the beach known as Danielle Maltby from Nick’s season. Michael was ecstatic since the two are friends, but have never met in person.

Michael received the rose from Danielle which led to the two going on a first date together the next morning on a boat. As the two spoke about grief, they also realized that a new connection and spark can be formed between them.

After their date, the two returned to paradise realizing that all the original women had packed their bags and left.

Serene & Brandon: Love Will Keep Them Together

Serene and Brandon have become fan favorites for audiences around the world. Although these new women have entered the beach, Brandon has continued to keep his heart closed to one woman only, and that my friend is Serene.

Meanwhile, for Serene at the Estates, she has made it clear to these new men that her eyes are only set on Brandon. She has even made it a point to say “these boys don’t deserve to touch this booty”. Audiences can’t wait until they are reunited next week.

Jill & Jacob: Limbo

Audiences felt for Jill as she was upset about leaving Jacob in paradise. Although paradise is usually a place for relaxation, for Jill it has been hell.

Once Jill left paradise Jacob wasted no time to see if he could form connections with these new women who had entered the beach. Although he has continuously stated that he has a strong connection with Jill, that was put to the test when he started to kiss Kate Gallivan from Clayton’s season. As things heated up between the two in paradise, Jill made it her point to stay committed to Jacob by cuddling her crystals from their date and sulking in bed.

Genevieve & Aaron: Loyal

When it comes to Aaron and Genevieve the two have had a spark since their two-on-two date with James and Shanae. Genevieve has made it clear to these new men that Aaron is the one for her. On last night’s episode, she made it clear to viewers that she did not want to risk the relationship that the two have formed and even fell asleep on a beach chair.

Aaron also made the point clear that he would stay faithful to Genevieve. The only thing audiences were upset about with Aaron is that although we are all happy that his bromance has now formed into a romance, Twitter reacted to his new intro without his bro James.

Shanae & Logan: On The Rocks

Shanae and Logan had a rocky start from the beginning of their connection ever since Shanae was stuck between him and also bachelor James. After she chose to keep Logan at the rose ceremony everything was looking high for these two until they were separated.

Shanae was the first to crack when she was given the first date card with these five new men. She decided to bring Tyler along for their date which resulted in steamy hot yoga. By the end of the date, Shanae made it a point that she wanted to escalate things further into the night with Tyler, but was sadly blocked by Jill talking about Jacob.

Logan has not had the best dating track when it comes to juggling multiple women at the same time. In paradise, he has formed a connection with Sarah, although he still had Shanae on his mind. Sarah was given a date card and brought Logan along for their horse ride on the beach. At the end of their date, the two kissed in the water having a magical evening.

Only time will tell on how next week will go for these couples as they have to confront one another on new bonds they have formed while apart.

Victoria & Johnny: Vibing and Fully Committed

Johnny joined the bandwagon with Aaron and Brandon staying fully committed to Victoria during the first week of the split within paradise.

When Victoria left paradise, she was the calmest about the new women knowing that she wouldn’t have to worry. As the new men made their way to the Estates, Olu from Michelle’s season tried to make a pass seeing if Victoria would get on his shoulders for a chicken fight.

Victoria declined his request only having her eyes set on Johnny. We will see if these lovebirds will last since next week’s preview shows Victoria pursuing one of the new men. You’re going to have to stay tuned and catch next week’s episodes as split week continues!

Brittany & Andrew: Slippery Slope

Since Brittany and Andrew’s connection was fairly new, Brittany was on the fence about how her connection was going to last during this split within paradise. After she departed from the beach, Jessenia from Matt’s season swooped in to try and make a move on the new bachelor. After their first conversation, there seemed to be tension since Andrew made it clear that he was an “only one girl” type of guy. He also told her that Brittany was growing on him and he didn’t want to ruin the spark he already had formed.

As Andrew made this clear, Brittany on the other hand explored the potential option with Tyler in the Estates ending with a kiss. Although she has been missing Andrew, she explored a new connection that could be formed with this new hunk.

Back in paradise, Jessenia pulled off a grand gesture for Andrew by making him a heart shaped pizza to share. The two bonded over their love for video games. As they were starting to form a connection, the date ended with him giving Jessenia a kiss.

Temptation gets the worst out of our bachelor franchise stars and oh have these two been failing royally!

Lace & Rodney: Totally Over

When Rodney said goodbye to Lace, he really meant to say goodbye forever. One of the women that walked on the beach was Eliza from Clayton’s season who was one of the names on his list he was hoping to see.

Rodney and Eliza formed a spark right away as Lace continued to sulk in the Estates wondering what her beau was doing on the beach. The Bachelor star felt as if he was caught between two women and wanted to give Eliza a fair chance to form a connection.

The two went on a date together which led to a kiss with Rodney not having Lace on his mind at all. While on the date, Lace made it a point that she had to go see what Rodney was doing at the beach.

As Wells said, “Hurricane Lace” entered back into paradise realizing Rodney was on a date with Eliza. Last night’s episode ended with Rodney pulling Lace aside for a conversation leaving the stakes high on where their relationship stands.

Stay tuned for more temptations our couples will face as they continue to form new connections next week on Bachelor In Paradise. Let us know @AfterBuzz TV on Twitter which couple you hope will last during the split.

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