Our Thoughts on Season 5 of ‘90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After has officially come to a close. There was some ups, a lot of downs, and even more screaming this season. The season concluded with us not really knowing what to think of the future of most of the couples, below are our thoughts on the season as a whole.

Elizabeth & Andrei

Not much changed for Elizabeth and Andrei this season. Elizabeth’s family and Andrei are still fighting every chance they get and its hard to see a time in the future where this isn’t the case. This storyline has become beyond redundant and if we see this couple on another season there needs to be a different one. The main difference from this season and past ones is this time, it was Elizabeths family that had us cringing more than Andrei. They truly gave Americans a bad name with how they acted in Moldova, and Elizabeths brother, Charlie’s behavior at their wedding was one of the hardest moments to watch.

Asuelu & Kalani

This couple sure had plenty of ups and downs this season. There were fights over Asuelu’s behavior and attitude, as well as money, but there were hopeful moments where it genuinely seemed like they would pull through. However the season ended with it seeming that the only ending possible is divorce. Through it all I was really hoping to see this couple make it, and it was really disappointing to watch Asuelu just walk away during the Tell All. In the end, it might be better for everyone for them to call it quits.

Michael & Angela

We finally got the wedding we’ve been waiting for this season! Yes Angela and Michael finally tied the knot, but he’s still not allowed to live in America as of yet. I don’t see this couple ever splitting up for good, no matter how unhealthy their relationship might be. Their relationship played out this season much like all the others with Angela’s jealousy and pride getting the better of her. Even on the Tell All it they couldn’t come to a resolution, partly because Angela refused to allow Michael to speak and instead interpreted what he was going to say. However, she did give us one of the biggest surprises of the Tell All when she announced that she was undergoing weight loss surgery! It was just as much a surprise to Michael as it was to everyone else and he was not pleased to hear the news at all. Angela announced that the surgery would be happening in just a couple weeks from the taping, so its very likely that she has already gone under the knife, or will be shortly.

Tania & Syngin

No one could believe that this couple actually got married, especially with their different values and opinions, and that is still the case this season. The couple spent a majority of the season fighting and when they went to South Africa it only escalated. In fact Syngin even contemplated not coming back to America! It also seemed that none of Syngin’s family or friends were to enthusiastic about Tania. The biggest tell though that these two should probably call it quits came during the Tell All. Tania desperately wants children and Syngin revealed he didn’t think he would ever want to be a father. It feels like they are avoiding the inevitable by staying together.

Colt & Jess

This couple crashed and burned harder than we could even imagine. The amount of time they spent in “love” was probably about 10 minutes. Tale as old as time, Debbie doesn’t get along with Colts girlfriend mixed with Colt’s compulsive lying leads to breakup. A few good things did come out of this relationship though. Colt started getting serious about his weight loss, he also decided it was time to create some distance between him and Debbie. We also got two huge surprises from this couple during the Tell All. Vanessa, who many believed was currently dating Colt, revealed she was not and had turned him down. Also Jess found happiness with another man (we all knew this from social media) but had already got married to him as well! Many were happy for the newlyweds but instead of taking the high road, Colt and Debbie made a few jabs about green cards instead.

Larissa & Eric(y)

Larissa and Eric got back together this season and then almost broke up directly after due to Eric talking bad about Larissa during their time apart. They made it through though, and the rest of the season focused on Larissa getting her surgeries. The Tell All was a lot of Larissa defending Eric, even though she probably shouldn’t have, and her and Colt making jabs at each other. All in all their storyline this season was rather lackluster.

Paul and Karine

I almost forgot to include this couple because I almost forgot they were even on the season. Their time on the season consisted of Paul trying to convince Karine that America’s better than Brazil, and Karine wanting to return. It ended with them making a trip to Brazil and then they were not on the past few episodes, including the Tell All. Through social media we know that they did return to America, and that Karine was pregnant again. She has since taken their son and filed a restraining order against Paul.

What did you think of the season? Let us know in the comments.

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