Our Predictions for Season 5 of ‘This Is Us’

Season 5 of ‘This Is Us’ is premiering on October 27th and fans can’t wait to have answers, here’s what you we predict to see. 

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When season 4 of This Is Us ended it left us with so many unanswered questions from what happens to Rebecca, to do Kevin and Randall ever make up. Oh and how could we forget Kevin’s one night stand with Kate’s best friend Madison ended up with her pregnant with twins!

The cast has been working around the clock to get this season filmed, with production only starting filming last month! You know the classic saying “the show must go on” well they definitely are carrying on, safely of course. 

They usually start filming in July, but because of the coronavirus pandemic production was halted until it was safe to do so. 

Last season finished airing at the end of March so fans of the NBC show cannot wait to see what’s next for the Pearson’s. 

The trailer for the new season shows the family starting a new chapter in their lives. As the show is known for flashing forwards and backwards in time as the characters go through similar life events it will be interesting to see what they are this season.

Many are wondering what happens to Rebecca in that house in the woods? Does Kevin build the house that his dad, Jack, had always envisioned having up there?

There are also many new characters that have been added into the storyline like an older baby Jack, his sister Hailey, and Kevin’s twins. Will we get to see these characters develop and will more characters pop up this season? 

We also see Randal celebrating his 40th birthday, but not Kate and Kevin. Does this mean that they are still fighting or could it just be that they are all in different places for their birthday? 

There is also some foreshadowing of our current coronavirus pandemic in one of the clips, as you see Kevin and Randall both with masks on. Does this mean that the Pearson family goes through what we are all currently experiencing as well?

There are so many questions we all want answers to but they will have to wait for the season 5 2 hour special premiere Tuesday, October 27th on NBC.


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