Our Favorite Tik Tok Babies!

Internet babies like Scout and Violet are taking the world by storm for a multitude of reasons. Read more to find out who our favorite Tik Tok babies are and what makes them so iconic. 

Scout and Violet

Scout and Violet are EVERYWHERE on Tik Tok right now and they are the talk of the town. The two twins went viral on Tik Tok when their mom, Maia Knight, began posting about her life as a single mom with the twins. Of course, the internet couldn’t get enough of their cuteness.

@maiaknight This is literally so insane!! Love you guys and soooooo thankful ❤️❤️ #singlemom #twinmom #violetandscout ♬ original sound – Maia Knight


Franklin went viral on Tik Tok after his mom posted the infamous spa videos. The video would go through Franklin’s morning routine and people loved it.

@baidaugh Franklin says his first actual word at the end 🥰 #Franklin #fyp #foryou ♬ Lady May (Live) – Tyler Childers & Various Artists


Rez and his mom, Mada, are infamous for their OOTDs. The internet loved their fit checks and Rez’s sporty style.

@madagravietlove u guys 🥲

♬ Sorbitol – Men I Trust


Abby is one of the most mature toddlers on Tik Tok. She captured the internet’s heart with her witty comments and energetic personality.

@alongcameabby She’s right, sound advice #fyp #advice #kidsoftiktok #happiness #sad #dontgiveup ♬ original sound – Along Came Abby


Lena went viral on Tik Tok when her mom started posting sit-down Q&As with her. Lena loves to make Tik Toks and is famous for her imaginary friend “Chaungo”.

@laurahfritzChaungo/Bossy update. Hope this clears some things up

♬ original sound – laura & lena


Marleigh, also known as the “Yeet” baby, is famous for making Tik Toks with her uncle, Chris. Marleigh and Chris do a variety of activities in their videos such as cooking videos, singing, dancing, and more!

@theyeeetbaby Yeeting for old time sake (Jack wanted to join) #yeet #yeetbaby ♬ original sound – Marleigh and Chris


Piggies or bunnies? Similar to Giada, Ella and her mom also post their hair routine. Ella is known for her hairstyles of piggies and bunnies.

@emilyfauverWe met so many “piggies and bunnies” fans on our trip, thanks for saying hello! Glad to be home 🥰 which is your fave, piggies or bunnies?!

♬ Happy, summer, ukulele(852618) – Eternal Waves


Last but not least, we have Giada. Giada started her own trend on Tik Tok with her infamous ponytail. Her mom posts videos doing Giada’s hair in the morning and the internet can’t get enough of it!

@_the1stnoel♬ original sound – Noel LaPalomento

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