Our Favorite iCarly Guest Stars!

iCarly is on Netflix, and the reboot is premiering later this year! To celebrate, here are our favorite celebrity guest stars from over the years.

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Posted On: February 8th, 2021 6:36 pm pst

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iCarly guest stars

Credit: Nickelodeon

iCarly fans rejoice! The first two seasons of the iconic nick show just returned to Netflix! So, while we look forward to the reboot, which comes later this year on Paramount+, we can kick back and watch the old episodes. 

iCarly follows a group of kids after their web show becomes a national sensation and they have to balance school and their new found fame. Starring Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, Jennette McCurdy, Noah Munck, and Jerry Trainor, the show ran for 6 seasons, before the finale aired in 2012. Over the course of five years, iCarly has had some interesting and spectacular guest stars!  Here are some of our favorites:

  • Kenan Thompson

Famed comedian Kenan Thompson makes a brief appearance in ‘iParty with Victorious,’ where the iCarly crew clashes with the students from Victorious. Kenan tells Andre, played by Leon Thomas III, that he can have a small party at his house, only for it to snowball into a major event. The trumpet wielding comedian shows up at the very end, but he’s just as funny as you’d expect him to be.

  • Jack Black

In the season 4 episode ‘iStart a Fan War’, Jack Black makes an epic appearance as Spencer’s cosplay rival. While Spencer is trying to win a prize for best costume as Aruthor, Jack Black emerges from the crowd dressed as Aruthor’s rival, Aspartaymay. Complete with a wacky song, Black’s absolutely hilarious performance steals the show, making him a major highlight of the episode. 

  • Emma Stone

Beloved actress Emma Stone shows up in the episode ‘iFind Spencer Friends.’ She plays Heather, a huge fan of iCarly, who crashes a boring (and rather depressing) meal Spencer was trying to have with his “adult friends.” She freaks out, making a huge mess as she hilariously plays a crazed fan. While her appearance is brief, it’s certainly noteworthy and her ability to go above and beyond is something we still love about her.

  • One Direction

One Direction, the astronomically popular band, makes a guest appearance in season 6 of iCarly. Carly, who’s got a bad case of Jungle Worms, accidentally infects Harry Styles, forcing the band to stay with them as they try to cure him before he has to perform. As always, shenaggains ensues. While none of the 1D boys (with the exception of Harry) are actors by profession, it’s still a fun time, with plenty of laughs to be had.

  • Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch, who’s known for her scheming character Sue Sylvester from Glee, appeared in iCarly in the episode ‘iSam’s Mom.’ Lynch, as the title suggests, plays the role of Sam Puckett’s mom. After one argument too many, Sam leaves her home and moves in with Carly, only for Lynch to hunt her down, leading to an intensely awkward and hilarious therapy session with Carly and the Pucketts.

While we don’t know who will guest star in the reboot, we’re excited to see the wacky shenanigans continue, so keep your eyes peeled for a release date! And until then? Watch the original on Netflix!

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