Our Favorite Guest Stars On ‘Glee’!

Whether they are actors, musicians, or pop stars– Glee has some of the best cameos performed by some of our favorite superstars! Let’s talk about who some of our favorite appearances were and why.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ Glee debut did not only involve her just appearing on the show as herself but the episodes were dedicated to her and her music. Britney week appeared in season 2 and season 4. In Season 2 episode 2 Britney/Brittany, the Glee kids’ assignment for the week was to bring out their inner Britney. They sang songs such as “I’m a Slave 4 U”, “Me Against the Music”, “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, and more. 

Dr. Carl Howell, Emma Pillsbury’s boyfriend at the time, took the Glee kids for teeth cleanings, and during Brittany’s dream under anesthesia, she imagines Britney Spears speaking to her. This is where Spears’ cameo happens. This episode was so iconic that one wasn’t enough. Two seasons later, in Season 4 Episode 2, Britney 2.0 was released honoring her other songs such as “3”, “Womanizer”, “Oops!… I Did It Again”, etc.

John Stamos 

John Stamos played the role of Carl Howard on Glee. He was Emma Pillsbury’s love interest for a little while. They ended up getting married in Las Vegas, which eventually ended up in an annulment. Stamos was on the show for about ten episodes, and his character was a dental hygienist. He first appeared in Britney week season 2, as he also had scenes with Emma Pillsbury, his character also volunteered to help out on the Rocky Horror Show with Will Schuester. 

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato guest starred in Glee during Season 5. Lovato’s character name was Dani (short for Danielle), and she played the role of one of Santana Lopez’s romantic interests in New York after high school. She worked with Santana, Kurt, and Rachel at The Spotlight Diner. Her friendship with the Glee characters develops as she joins Kurt’s new band at the time. After four episodes, she was no longer on the show, but she was mentioned during a conversation between Santana and Brittany before they had gotten back together. 

She was able to sing on the show as well with Santana to “Here Comes the Sun” in the episode “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”.

Gweneth Paltrow 

Gweneth Paltrow joined the Glee cast as Holly Holliday and originally started on the show as a substitute teacher. Holly Holliday was a woman of many things– she taught Spanish, History, and even Sex Education. She teaches her classes in a not-so-traditional way, she sings and dances, and dresses up as historic people.  Since she was already subbing at McKinley High, the Glee kids had asked her to sub for the Glee Club as well. 

She became a recurring character once she first appeared in season 2, then later came back during season 5! She was portrayed as the cool, laid-back substitute; helped Brittany and Santana admit their feelings for each other, and she let the kids do what they wanted most of the time. She is super sweet and a catch! 

She sings covers such as “Do you Wanna Touch Me”, “Turning Tables”, “Landslide” and other songs to relate to the kids. She also sang duets and group numbers such as the “Singing in the Rain/Umbrella” mix, “Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag”, and “Kiss”. 

Kristin Chenoweth

April Rhodes was a character portrayed by actress Kristin Chenoweth. She makes a cameo in about five episodes and was first recognized in the first season in episode 5. Rhodes went to high school with Mr. Shue– she was his biggest crush back then. She became an alcoholic after her dreams of becoming a broadway star, unfortunately, didn’t come true. She is an alcoholic and not a very good influence on the kids or Mr. Shue, but eventually gets sober. Let’s just say that April wasn’t the best role model so to speak– she gave some of the glee kids alcohol and even taught them to shoplift. 

April Rhodes is also a returning star on the show; she appears in seasons one, two, and five! She was able to perform songs such as “I’m the Greatest Star”, “Maybe This Time”, “Home”, and “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, as well as others.

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