Our Favorite ‘Claim to Fame’ Premiere Episode Moments!

Kevin and Frankie Jonas are hosting a new ABC show in honor of lesser-known celebrity relatives. Here are some of our favorite moments from the premiere episode!

**Spoilers for the premiere of Claim to Fame ahead**

This reality show has a celebrity twist, there are more than just bold personalities, daring challenges, and high rewards. Kevin and Frankie Jonas host the show where contestants are desperately trying to hide which famous person they are related to. In honor of Claim to Fame’s premiere, we put together our favorite moments just for you!

The Opening Scene

Starting the episode with a bang, the brothers prove themselves worthy as a great hosting duo, joking about what it’s like to feel left in the shadows of celebrity relatives. Their brotherly banter introduces this new show in the perfect lighthearted manner. We also love to see Frankie Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas brother clan, step into the spotlight! He deserves just as much hype as his musically inclined brothers. The co-hosts and siblings are well dressed, well prepared, and well on their way to leading this exciting reality show!

Truth and Lie Game

Our next favorite moment came from the truth and lie game where players introduce themselves through a series of possibly accurate facts. Out of all of the players, two left us laughing the most! First, Amara, Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, described her hilarious grandmother as just like any other. However, Amara decided to throw contestants off by stating that her grandmother won an award for adult films. Our other favorite introduction is a contestant who goes by L.C. Instead of using her own name, she wanted to develop a character for herself to play and uncover as the season continues. Overall, this game gave the audience insight into the various personalities.

Pepper, Amara, and Louise Working Together

Even though the relationships between contestants are based on deceit and competition, it’s refreshing to see these three work together, especially when Louise’s identity is pretty much uncovered by everyone in the house. Even though they wrongly assumed Maxwell’s relation to Steven Spielberg, these contestants figured out early on that teamwork will get them farther in the game. The trio really has each other’s backs.

Brittany Winning the challenge

Showing her vulnerability in the talent show allowed the audience to connect with Brittany. She was incredibly nervous to perform her talent in front of a live audience, but to her surprise, she won first place. Her detailed painting was more than impressive, and we are so happy to watch her thrive and find her place within the show!

The Director Stopping the Elimination Round

In the most intense moment of the night, right before Pepper is going to guess Maxwell’s famous relative, the directors walk in and shut down the elimination round. Perplexed, the audience as well as the contestants are left confused. Minutes later, the Jonas co-hosts reveal that Maxwell broke the rules and used a phone to cheat. In this moment we watch the players realize the stakes of the game and realize how badly they want to be a part of the show. Finding out that Maxwell’s relative is Chuck Norris this early on was a huge plus to this moment too!

We’re beyond excited for next week’s episode and can’t wait to watch the contestants uncover more of their celebrity relatives! You can watch the show every Monday on ABC or the next day on Hulu!

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