Our 5 Favorite Celebrity McDonald’s Meals!

With the popularity of the Grimace shake, McDonald’s has us thinking about all the other times they set the internet abuzz. Their celebrity meals, a la the BTS and JBalvin Meals, are always a hit, but these are our five favorites.

Have no fear, these five meals won’t cause your grisly demise, like the TikToks devoted to McDonald’s current limited edition item, The Grimace Shake. They might, however, inspire you to take a trip down the street to your local golden arches. Let’s get into it!

5. The McJordan Special (1991/2)

Perhaps the earliest iteration of the celebrity meal genre, the McJordan Special captured the hearts and stomaches of Chicagoans. Michael Jordan was, and remains, an icon among athletes, and mortal men, so his special collaboration with McDonald’s lands him at our number five spot. Jordan’s special meal consisted of a quarter pounder with all the fixings, including barbeque sauce! The commercials make us nostalgic for the early 90s and the excitement of a trip to McDonald’s with Mom. If you want to reminisce privately, you can get your hands on a jug of the original McJordan Special barbeque sauce for the low low price of $8,500 on eBay!

4. The Travis Scott Meal (2020)

Travis Scott’s special meal was the first of its kind since Jordan’s! His meal includes a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon, a medium fry, and a Sprite. This time though, the barbeque sauce is on the side. The Travis Scott meal sold out over and over again throughout its run, blowing the hype off the charts. Some fans even stole Travis Scott x McDonald’s posters from right outside the restaurants. One of the many reasons Scott’s meal comes in at number four for us is it’s a burger bargain–you could get it all for just $6. What a deal!

3. The Cardi B and Offset Meal (2023)

Announced via commercial during the 2023 SuperBowl, the Cardi B, and Offset Meal was pitched as the perfect date night fare, especially given Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. Cardi’s half of the meal was a cheeseburger, a side of barbeque sauce, and a large Coke. Who knew barbeque was such a celeb favorite? Offset’s half of the special: a quarter pounder with cheese and a large orange Hi-C. But it doesn’t end there! Also included in the meal was a large fry and a baked apple pie for dessert. Nothing says love like sharing fries! Also, they produced some really silly content to promote their meal, which still makes us smile. Regardless of Cardi B and Offset’s public ups and downs, we love “love,” so they earned themselves the number three spot.

2. The Saweetie Meal (2021)

Prior to her collaboration with McDonald’s, Saweetie was rather infamous for her…unconventional food combinations. So when the Saweetie Meal rolled around, the unique mixing of items was a big selling point. Whether it’s some fries on your Big Mac or a packet of “Saweetie and Sour” sauce drizzled over your nugget sandwich, the Saweetie Meal had a lot of ingenuity to offer fans. Also included in the meal was a side of barbeque sauce and a medium Sprite. We’re sure the overlap between celebrity meal items will be studied by sociologists one day. Regardless, Saweetie has such a knack for being relatable to large groups, her highly customizable meal wins her the number two spot.

1. The Mariah Menu (2021)

We have to give the top spot to the diva herself, Mariah Carey. Not only did her collaboration with McDonald’s offer foodies the chance to eat like Mariah, who likes her cheeseburger with extra pickles, but it also gave quick-fingered fans the chance to snag Mariah x McDonald’s branded merch on select days. From December 13th to Christmas Eve, fans could get a free menu item every day when they made a purchase of at least $1, making the Mariah Menu the most affordable celebrity meal yet! Mariah was basically Santa Claus, gifting the world with goodies every day. Carey has clearly embraced her connection to Christmas in the public’s psyche, and really delivered with the Mariah Menu, forever cementing herself in our minds as the Queen of Christmas.

Do you agree with our picks? Did you love a different celebrity meal? Did you try any of these meals when they came out? We want to hear all about it, so Tweet us @AfterBuzzTV!

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