Orange Is The New Black S:1 | Fucksgiving E:9 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Orange Is The New Black edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. In this episode host Thaddeus Massey breaks down the episode in which Mendez uses Red’s smuggling connections to move drugs into the prison. Red flushes them down the toilet. Mendez issues Red a death threat and urinates into the Thanksgiving gravy. Doggett and Vause clash over their views on homosexuality and religion. Nichols and Vause flirt. Flashbacks depict Vause being bullied for her low socioeconomic standing, her relationship with her mother, and her first contact with her washed-up rockstar father. The flashbacks also show her beginning with the drug cartel. Burset’s wife becomes romantically interested in her pastor. With Sister Ingalls’s encouragement, Burset gives her wife her blessing. Burset’s full dose of estrogen is restored. Dayanara attempts an abortion using Mendoza’s herbal teas, but Aleida colluded with the Mendoza to keep the fetus alive. Later, Dayanara agrees to keep the baby. Jefferson is released but finds that her support network is missing. Chapman and Vause share a sexually charged dance, and Doggett snitches on them for “lesbianing together,” after which Healy sends Chapman to SHU. When Healy visits SHU, Chapman rages against him for punishing her for being a lesbian. However, after suffering in SHU, she resolves to obey Healy and avoid Vause. Caputo orders Healy to release Chapman from SHU when it becomes clear that her transfer to SHU is unjustified. Upon returning to camp, she has sex with Vause. Healy calls Larry, but the call’s content is not revealed. There to help Thaddeus are co-hosts Megan Thomas and Scott Moore. It’s Orange Is The New Black’s “Fucksgiving” podcast.

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