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AFTERBUZZ TV – Orange Is The New Black edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. In this episode host Thaddeus Massey breaks down the episode in which Caputo catches Mendez having sex with Dayanara. To avoid a rape investigation, the warden puts Mendez on unpaid leave. Dayanara tells Bennett about her plot, but Bennett is displeased that she framed Mendez. Mendez believes that Dayanara loves him, and he tells Bennett about Red’s smuggling operation, after which Bennett informs Caputo. Claudette’s appeal is denied, and she attacks a guard, resulting in her being sent to maximum security. Unable to adjust to life outside, Jefferson commits a crime and returns to prison. Red mediates between Healy and his mail-order bride. Yoga Jones tells Watson how she committed manslaughter against an eight year-old child. A journalist following up on Larry’s interview asks the deputy warden about spending cuts at Litchfield, despite an increase in the prison’s funding. Chapman and Vause argue, and Chapman admits, “I am an emotionally manipulative narcissist who bailed on you when her mother died.” Vause admits she ratted on Chapman for dumping her, and she lied to Chapman because she wanted Chapman to like her. Vause gives Chapman a choice: nest with Larry or travel with her and be prepared for anything. Larry asks Chapman to marry him immediately. Flashbacks depict how Doggett killed an abortion provider who “disrespected her.” A conservative Christian anti-abortion group provides her with pro bono legal help. Doggett broods after being “beaten” by Chapman, but her lawyer encourages Doggett to witness to Chapman. Chapman “prays to Mr. Christ” for forgiveness, but she flatly refuses to be baptized. Since Chapman disrespected her, Doggett plans to murder Chapman. There to help Thaddeus are co-hosts Emma Kostandyan, Megan Thomas, and Scott Moore. It’s Orange Is The New Black’s “Fool Me Once” podcast.

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