“Opening Night!” Season 1 Episode 9 ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Review & Recap

What time is it? High School Musical Time! Disney+ finally brings us back to East High School, where a new group of students embark on a production of High School Musical, led by a background actor from the original series. As high school usually is, there’s romance, friendships, breakups, and drama that can only come from musical theater. Join us for THE AFTERBUZZ TV HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC: THE MUSIC: THE SERIES AFTER SHOW, where our panel of superfan hosts breakdown the new series from Disney+.

It’s Act 1, and it’s about to be a crazy opening night when Ricky loses his confidence, Gina returns and Nini freaks out that her future could be changing when the play ends. “What Happened In This Episode of TV?” 4-8 Sentence RECAP: It’s Opening Night for High School Musical and everyone is feeling a little nervous. After her amazing sound check performance, Miss Jenn asks Kourtney to take on the part of Taylor in Gina’s place and while she is excited, she is freaking out. Nini and Ricky are trying to still figure out just what they are after there “moment” in the room at the El Rey Theatre. The cast takes a moment to just be with each other before curtain and they revelve in this moment of finally after all their hard work, they’re finally here. When Big Red has problems with the lights, Miss Jenn pleads with Mr. Mazzara to help them which he trades for her helping spread awareness of the Robotics Club to the audience. Gina shows up and Kourtney begs her to play Taylor for Status Quo. Nini finds out Kourtney got the head of the Youth Actors Conservatory to come see her and she’s not sure she’s ready. During “Getcha Head In the Game” Ricky sees his mom’s new boyfriend and he is not prepared to face that especially for his opening night. When Ricky finds out that Nini’s chance for getting into the YAC, he asks a surprised E.J. to take his place for Act 2 because he doesn’t want to be the reason she can’t have her dream.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Chae’ Jones and Jeff Williams are talking High School Musical The Musical: The Series episode 9 “Opening Night” with special guest Dara Renee.

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