Once Upon a Time S:2 | Welcome to Storybrooke E:17 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Once Upon a Time edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. In this episode host Tiona Hobson breaks down the episode in which a vengeful Regina vows to kill Snow White/Mary Margaret. Meanwhile, during the first days of Storybrooke, a father and son make their way into the believed undetectable town. Because every single day was the exact same one, Regina grew close to the outsiders who weren’t stuck in a loop. However, her desire to keep them in Storybrooke backfired when she ended up scarring the boy for life and imprisoning his father, making the boy vow to find him again. In the present, Regina finds a completely opposite curse in her mother’s belongings; in exchange for the heart of the one she hates most, she can force Henry to love her. However, Henry turns the tables on her by explaining all that magic has done, is making others do terrible things; Regina burns the curse as a sign of good faith. Mary Margaret, consumed by the guilt of committing murder, offers her life to Regina to put a stop to their fighting. Regina takes her heart and shows her a speck of darkness that is growing in it; she doesn’t have to do anything herself to kill those keeping Henry from her, all she has to do is let the darkness fester in Mary Margaret’s heart until it takes hold. Regina returns the heart, not wanting to end the suffering of her mother’s killer. Unbeknownst to both of them, Greg Mendell has recorded this exchange on his phone before returning to his car and grabbing the key-chain belonging to Owen Flynn, the person he was 28 years before, still vowing to find his father. There to help Tiona are co-hosts Marisa Serafini and Kaori Takee. It’s Once Upon a Time’s “Welcome to Storybrooke” podcast!

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