Once Upon a Time S:2 | Tiny E:13 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Once Upon a Time edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. In this episode host Cathy Kelley breaks down the episode in which Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry set off on a mission to find Baelfire; While David and Mary Margaret stay behind. Regina is distraught when she finds that Emma never told her about Henry leaving Storybrooke; Leroy, Mary Margaret and David set off to find out Regina’s plan by forcing Captain Hook to show them his ship. When they get onto the ship, they find that Cora has brought over a man in a cage, when they release him he is grateful until he mistakes David for his twin brother James. In the enchanted forest James and Jacqueline, Jack, behind this giant, nicknamed Tiny, as he wants to see what’s so good about the human world; but when Tiny agrees to help them with their financial troubles, James and Jack come up the beanstock, rob, and kill all the giants except for Tiny, forcing him to destroy all of the magic beans. Mr. Gold finds out that now that he’s out of Storybrooke that he no longer has magic; While Ruby visits Belle in an effort to help her with her memory. After Regina talks to Anton and makes him a giant again, he sets out to destroy David, but after David explains his story Anton is forgiving until he believes all humans lie; Just as Anton jumps up and makes a giant hole in the ground, he becomes tiny again and the town sets out to save him. Emma, Mr. Gold, and Henry get on a plane to New York. There to help Cathy are co-hosts Marisa Serafini, Tiona Hobson, and Kaori Takee. It’s Once Upon a Time’s “Tiny” podcast!

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