“November Surprise” Season 1 Episode 7 ‘Stumptown’ Review

It’s Friendsgiving! Hosts Ollie Drenan, Chae’ Jones, and Latoya Blakely are talking episode 7 “November Surprise”. Liz is becoming a big part of Grey’s life, Dex takes a job that has her questioning her what kind of private detective and even person she wants to be, and Ansel is still amazing! Plus our special segment and more!

What does an Army veteran, criminal investigation, and Portland Oregon have in common? ABC’s Stumptown! On THE STUMPTOWN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST Every week our panel will discuss their thoughts on Dex Parios and her complicated life balancing her work, love life and her brother! They will also bring you amazing news and gossip as well as their special segment I got stumped!

About Stumptown: Dex Parios, a sharp-witted military veteran, becomes a private investigator in Portland, Oregon, where she also takes care of her younger brother.