Norman Buckley In studio for “Lie Together, Die Together” Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Review

Hosts Tyra Prude, Chae’ Jones abd Alice Ford break down episode 9 with Director/Co-Executive Producer Norman Buckley. There where major shockers like did Jeremy kill Nolan and will he get away with it? Will they be able to clean up the mess they made? Will Taylor lose it and who is getting expelled?

We felt like the world was ending as the last episode of Pretty Little Liars ended. What were we to do?!?! Luckily we get this amazing spin off “The Perfectionists” Where we explore the high stakes new town of Beacon Heights, where excellence is a REQUIREMENT! Murders, Sex, Money, and more; we’re talking about it all on THE PERFECTIONISTS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! Tune in weekly for episode breakdowns, plot discussion, character ships, motivations, and thoughts, and of course ALL THE PREDICTIONS!! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date with all things The Perfectionists!!!

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