Nightmares on Empire Street – S6 E16 ‘Empire’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Andre wakes up from a nightmare, but he soon realizes his new reality is so much worse. Cookie and Lucious are forced to commit Andre and Cookie begins to crumble. Meanwhile, Hakeem and Maya wake up to their own nightmare as they discover they got hitched after a drunken night in Vegas. Later, we think Lucious’ mother breaks through to Andre but it turns out Kingsley’s hold on Andre is too strong. Also, Portia and Becky have a boss battle over one of Portia’s tracks. Cookie’s visit to her therapist gives her the revelation that she needs when it comes to her sons and her sisters. And after Andre breaks out of the behavioral facility, he has his own revelation and finally breaks free of Kingsley’s chains. All this and more on the Empire AfterShow!

This AfterShow was hosted by Sayrie (@funnysayrie), and Bryant Santos (@thebryantsantos)

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