Nick Jonas Hosts ‘SNL:’ Our Favorite Moments

We take a look at Nick Jonas and his hosting debut on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ with a list of his best moments.

Nick Jonas took to the SNL stage Saturday night as both host and musical guest. Let’s recap his funniest sketches and gripping musical performances.

A Musical Monologue

As Nick Jonas began his monologue, his brother Kevin Jonas interjected to ask whether their band, The Jonas Brothers, was still together. Although Nick Jonas was hosting solo and is set to release his own album, he assured his brother that they would not break up. It was a quip all-in good fun.

Then, the host talked about his performances on Broadway, connecting it to how NYC theaters have been shut down for a year due to the pandemic. As a tribute, Jonas and cast members sang a parody version of “Drink with Me” from Les Misérables. The song changed the original lyrics to subjects about the virtual meeting software Zoom and not leaving the house. The classic take on the Broadway song not only showed Nick Jonas’s musical theater side, but his comedic side as well.

Mirror Workout

Nick Jonas plays a virtual fitness trainer in this sketch about a cursed “workout mirror.” As cast members Mikey Day and Chris Redd follow workouts from Jonas and another instructor (Heidi Gardner), they come across an older woman Shannon Delgado (Kate Mckinnon). The woman pleads for help as she is stuck inside the mirror after being rude to a fortune teller. Cutting between the trainers and McKinnon, Redd and Day get more and more disturbed by the situation as evil character Azuzula (Pete Davidson) pops in to push Shannon to keep working. Suddenly Day gets trapped in the mirror, which lets Shannon escape. The skit hilariously shows the fear of new technology and exercising.

Murder Show

The recorded skit emphasizes the obsession with watching murder shows for self-care. Kate McKinnon, Melissa Villaseñor, Ego Nwodim, and Chloe Fineman sing about how they perform routine tasks like folding laundry or talking to their family as they watch cold-blood killer shows. Jonas pops in with his favorite way to unwind, watching cult shows. This music video skit accurately describes how most of us are spending our resting time amidst the pandemic.

Cinderella’s Slipper

In a parody version of Cinderella, Jonas plays the prince who is looking for the glass slipper owner. While the prince believes he is there to save Cinderella (Chloe Fineman), the slipper is tiny. It actually belongs to one of the mice, Gus Gus (Aidy Bryant). The sketch ends with Bryant singing a botched version of “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” It’s a strange, reimagined ending to the Disney film that we probably won’t ever see come to life in any Cinderella-esque live-action film.

“Spaceman” & “This is Heaven”

Jonas takes a break from comedy to perform two songs off his new album Spaceman. The host sings “Spaceman” and later the R&B-inspired “This is Heaven,” with a melodic saxophone solo through a space-inspired set.

Dionne Warwick Talk Show

The singer/actor stars as himself in this Dionne Warwick talk-show sketch. Ego Nwodim plays singer Warwick as she struggles to interview celebrities like The Weekend (Kenan Thompson), Nick Jonas, Dua Lipa (Melissa Villaseñor), and Machine Gun Kelly (Pete Davidson). The sketch pokes fun at Jonas with Warwick saying he’s “the most boring coach” on The Voice and bringing up a song sung by his brother rather than him. Jonas takes the jokes graciously, though, proving that no joke is too much for him.

Post-Covid Dating

Jonas and Mckinnon are strangers who meet on their first night out since the pandemic lockdown. Because of the virus, neither have been able to talk or meet new people causing them to be rusty with their flirting. With silly pick-up lines and magic tricks involving a meowing kitten, Jonas and Mckinnon show us that you don’t have to act suave to find your true pairing. The two end the night dancing along to the classic baseball hit, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

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