New & Upcoming Romance Novels To Read As Summer Heats Up!

Looking to add a bit of love to your TBR this summer? Check out these new and upcoming romances from authors Emily Henry, Christina Lauren, Ashley Poston, Ali Hazelwood, and Katherine Center to sprinkle some spice on your beach reads!

Funny Story, Emily Henry

If you know romance, you know Emily Henry, author of the hit contemporary romances: Book Lovers, Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation, and Happy Place. Her newest release, Funny Story, follows Daphne as she navigates a laughable situation. There hasn’t been a time when Daphne hadn’t adored how her fiancé told the story of when they met, until he discovered he was in love with Petra, his childhood best friend. Now stranded in Waning Bay, Michigan, and entering a new chapter of her life, Daphne finds herself rooming with the only person who might understand her plight: Petra’s ex, Miles Nowak. Falling in love with her ex-fiancé’s, new fiancée’s ex, should be out of the picture. Or is it?

Funny Story was released on April 23rd of this year, and it’s still top of the charts. According to Circana, Henry’s newest project sat at the #2 spot of “Top 10 Selling Books” in April after only being available for a little over a week. Other online sites such as GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and Bazaar named Funny Story a top beach read for the 2024 summer season! 

Not only are the critics admiring Henry’s new release, but Fans across BookTok and Bookstagram have also been awe-struck by Emily Henry’s storytelling, with some even at a loss for words!


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Whether or not you have read Emily Henry before, this book is the epitome of a summertime read! Funny Story is out now in hardcover only at a multitude of locations!

The Paradise Problem, Christina Lauren

Did you love Crazy Rich Asians? Succession? Pretty Woman? If you are a fan of rich family drama, playful romance, or a steamy fake relationship trope then Christina Lauren’s, The Paradise Problem, may tickle your fancy! This novel follows Anna Green who married Liam “West” Weston to take advantage of the subsidized family housing at UCLA. Though Anna believes she had signed divorce papers at graduation, that may not have been the case. Anna becomes a starving artist, attempting to survive while Liam blossoms into a Stanford professor, chasing his one-hundred-million-dollar inheritance. However, when his family begins questioning if the inheritance marriage clause has been met, Liam and Anna must again unite. Is Anna capable of conforming to the one percent? Was this all to secure the inheritance or are there feelings remaining between the duo? 

Christina Lauren is a pen name for the two authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. Together they released The Paradise Problem on May 14th and it became an instant New York Times Best Seller. This release just adds to the impressive list for this author, with PopSugar even calling them “reigning romance queens”.

The Paradise Problem has received a roar of online approval. From the 4.2/5 star rating from the twenty-three thousand reviews it has on GoodReads, this opposites-attract love story has piqued the interest of many romance enthusiasts! Some might even say, this book sparked up their “reading mojo”.

If you are unfamiliar with this author, Christina Lauren’s romances are unmatched! They have something for every taste! Maybe give The Unhoneymooners, Love & Other Words, or My Favorite Half-Night Stand a try! Oh, and of course pick up a copy of The Paradise Problem the next time you need a by-the-pool love story!

A Novel Love Story, Ashley Poston

Love is a mystical thing. Some might even say it is a magical thing. It’s something that sparks the most unexpected moments within you! If you are searching for that feeling when reading, Ashley Poston creates such sensational and miraculous worlds to fall in love with. The author of previous titles, The Dead Romantics and The Seven-Year Slip is releasing A Novel Love Story on June 25th! Her books are the perfect way to escape from reality and find love in unorthodox ways! Whether you’re living in an apartment that sends you seven years into the past, or you’re falling in love with a dead guy, Poston is a mastermind who knows how to pull on heartstrings while bringing in a bit of much-needed wonder. 

In A Novel Love Story, Eileen Merriweather loves fiction. She might even love fiction more than we do! She enjoys the comfort of how a book is secure, unlike the outside world. On her way to her annual book club retreat, her car breaks down and she finds herself in Eloraton. Eloraton? The city from her favorite series? Now that can’t be right! She’s trapped in the town’s unfinished story! Eileen believes she’s there to bring it all to that famed storybook ending but after meeting the grumpy bookstore owner, the ending of this town might be intertwined with her own!

Here is a fair warning for those of you who have not been blessed by the writing of Ashley Poston, bring tissues or you’ll end up using your favorite beach towel to dry your tears! Check out BookTok for why you should catch this release before the summer ends!

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Not in Love, Ali Hazelwood

You’ve heard of science and academic romances, but have you ever heard of STEM love? Ali Hazelwood is no stranger to the ways chemistry in a lab may lead to sparks flying between lovers. In her upcoming release Not in Love, Hazelwood follows Rue Siebert a biotech engineer at the successful food science startup, Kline. Rue thought her world was stable until a devilishly attractive, yet hostile Eli Killgore threatens to tear it all down. Eli is a powerhouse in achieving his demands, but one woman stands in his way: Rue. This secret affair is no-strings-attached but is that truly possible when the heart is involved? 

This anticipated Chick Lit is scheduled to release on June 11th and boy are we ready! Hazelwood has a stellar lineup of fluffy yet undeniably enthralling sci-romance novels from The Love Hypothesis, Love on the Brain, and Love Theoretically. Fans have raved on BookTok about The Love Hypothesis for years, and are now fiending to get their hands on this Hazelwood STEM love story. We are more than ready for this book to alter our brain chemistry.


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If you are in need of a brain-churning scholarly romance this summer, Not in Love would be a perfect title for you to bring along on vacation. 

The Rom-Commers, Katherine Center

Let’s hear it for a rom-com about writing a rom-com! Katherine Center’s The Rom-Commers features Emma Wheeler, an aspiring screenwriter who loves romantic comedy. She gets the gig of her dreams to write with Charlie Yates, her writing idol! Emma moves to Los Angeles for 6 weeks to work alongside her hero and co-write his next big hit! She is disappointed to find, however, that Charlie is nothing like what she had imagined. He is distant and thinks all the love he writes about is a sham. How could this romantic comedy genius not believe in love? Emma had to show him that love is something to desire, to yearn for and that these love stories matter. Just how far is Emma willing to go? This love may be better than the stories they tell for the screen!

We are beyond excited for this title to be released on June 11th and the fans are too! Those who have read Katherine Center’s past novels, What You Wish For, The Bodyguard, or Hello Stranger, know she is a staple in the realm of romantic fiction. The select few who received early access to The Rom-Commers have yet to stop discussing this release! If you love love stories then listen to Bookstagram’s raving reviews and grab yourself a copy of this Katherine Center masterpiece.

A trip to the nearest bookstore is a requirement when temperatures begin to rise! Enjoy this summer’s sunshine and snatch up these delicious new romances as you do! 

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