New Couples Bring The Heat In The Second Season Of ‘Love Island’

There’s a new batch of singles hoping to find love on season 2 of ‘Love Island’. Here’s a look at what went down during the premiere episode, and a spotlight on the contestants. 

Your favorite guilty pleasure, Love Island, is back for a second season, and this time love is in the air in the city of sin.

Monday night a new batch of singles looking to find love and win some cash were introduced to viewers, but due to the pandemic, instead of staying on an exotic island, filming took place on a roof of a Las Vegas Casino.

There was a lot to take in during the two hour premiere, so here’s a breakdown of the couples so far for season 2’s Love Island

Jermiah and Justine

After the introduction of the women, the men were introduced, and after each introduction the ladies were asked to step forward if they were interested in the men.

First up was Jermiah; at first it seemed no one was interested until Justine stepped forward, but it was Jermiah who had the final say, and actually went for another girl named Cely,

Unfortunately another guy picked Cely as well forcing Jermiah to sit on the sidelines.

Justine was the last woman who was not coupled up with someone, which forced her and Jeremiah to couple up.

These two have their work cut out for them if they want to find love, because it seems like the connection isn’t there.

However we’re definitely rooting for Justine to find love. While getting emotional she opened up saying there was no connection between her and any of the guys.

However Jeremiah might find love elsewhere, after it was revealed at the end of the episode that he’ll be going on a date with a new woman entering the game.

Moira and James

Just like Jermiah, no one stepped forward when James was introduced, so he picked Moira.

So far the couple seems to have hit it off, with both admitting that there was some type of connection.

They’re both very witty, and were even the first couple to share a kiss. We have a feeling that these two will be sticking together throughout the show.

Cely and Tre

Tre was the next guy introduced, and again no was interested in stepping forward, Tre was the only one who decided to stir the pot by picking Cely, forcing Jermiah to sit on the sideline.

Tre and Cely seem like they are interested in each other, they both shared a kiss during the episode, but it seems like the former college footballer has his sights on the other ladies as well. We’ll get more into that later.

Connor and Mackenzie

Connor is the next guy introduced, and Mackenzie steps forward. It seems like Connor was getting the same vibe as Mackeznie because he chose her was well.

Like Moira and James, these two had an instant connection, and we can’t see them splitting up.

While playing a game with the group they were told they had to kiss. Later On they both confessed that they wanted their first kiss to be special.

Carrington and Kaitlynn

This couple is a wildcard. It seems like Carrington is feeling Kaitlynn, but Kaitlynn might be looking at other options as well.

The two did share a kiss, but later that day Kaitlynn also shared a kiss with Tre.

Towards the end of the show Carrington got a special text saying he’ll be going on a date with a new woman who has yet to be revealed.

Carrington might catch on that Kaitlynn isn’t all in, and move on.


James was introduced after the couples were all set. James had one job, and that was to choose a girl to couple with forcing one of the men to be single.

He had connections with both Cely and Kaitlynn, but in the end he picked Cely forcing Tre to be single.

We have a feeling that James and Cely will have a better connection, but only time will tell.

Who is your favorite couple so far? Make sure to catch Love Island airing nightly at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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