Never Have I Ever S1 E9 & E10 Recap & AfterShow: Team Ben vs. Team Paxton

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It’s the complicated Life of an Indian American teenager in this show from Mindy Kaling! We’re all in, because Never Have I Ever not covered something Kaling! Join the NEVER HAVE I EVER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST every week to break the series down episode by episode with plot discussions, conversations on relatability, and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

While Devi is still reeling from last night’s events, Kamala is preparing to meet Prishant for the first time. Nilani is on her toes as her brother Arvin comes to visit as well. When Steve crashes the party, things go awry, but thankfully this doesn’t ruin things for Kamala and Prishant. After Nilani roasts Paxton to high-heaven, Devi says some things she doesn’t mean and that leads us into the finale. Paxton starts to brush off Devi and she moves in with Ben during the aftermath of her fight with her mother. Nilani tries to win Devi over by saying she’ll be spreading Mohan’s ashes and  Devi’s friends come back to convince her not to miss this important life event. In the end, all is resolved and we get a kiss from Devi and Ben!

All this and more on the Never Have I Ever AfterShow hosted by Bryant Santos (@thebryantsantos), Shiksha Mahtani (@iambollygirl), and Trina Dong (@heytrinadong).

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